Allow myself to introduce . . . myself

Bonjour! This is my very first entry! I'm supposed to be working so I will have to keep this short and sweet. Will tell you more about myself when I have the chance.

-in brief-

I am 28 years old.

I am married to a pretty cool guy named Chad.

(As I'm typing this, I'm thinking - is this how I define myself - by age first, then marital status? Should I have started with - I don't know - height, maybe? Shampoo preference? It's just bizarre that the most important thing about me is my age - as far as lists go . . .)

I'm plus-sized - but hope to not be for too much longer. (Blah blah- insert every unhappy-to-be-so big girl's mantra here)

I love dachshunds!!!!

My dachshund is Mr. B aka Barkley. He, my husband and I have a very bizarre love triangle at home, which I'm sure will be the bulk of many an interesting future entry.

I'm a cancer survivor!

(Also should be the bulk of some interesting entries pour la futur)

I like to throw french phrases in sentences once in a while. C'est d'accord? (I probably didn't even phrase that correctly)

Ok- must go for now

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