Easter Feaster

Happy Easter, everyone!!!! Today's been a pretty good day. The summary for the last few days - let's see.

Good Friday I ended up going shopping with my mother in law and Chad's aunt Bern. We had a pretty good time, until I had some tummy troubles and then I wanted to go home. I came home and hung out with Chad for awhile - then went to Rachael's (my cousin who lives one street over) to play her piano.

She got home from work about an hour later and really had a hankering for a daiquiri so we went to the new daiquiri shop in Prairieville, like two seconds from the house. So - we both got the big ones - i got a banana split (banana banshee, strawberry and white russian blended) - tres yum!

Then we went back to her house and talked about her wedding next month and basically got relatively drunk. Her fiancee got home earlier than we thought, so I thought the polite thing to do was leave -which I did. Went back home and sat with Chad watching TV and being drunk. Actually we took the entertainment weekly's pop culture quiz of the nineties and I kicked his ass!!!! Hurrah!

Let's see - saturday was the cleaning day. I cleaned for the majority of the day - did a ton of clothes (which seem to be the bane of my existence). I colored my hair and took a shower and then we went to my dad's for awhile.

It was on the way to our restaurant. We had a $50 gift certificate for Doc's Bistreaux in downtown Plaquemine - which is a pretty good restaurant. Chad had the lobster with potato croquettes and asparagus. I had the chicken St. John - pan fried with a honey pecan glaze, potato croquettes and asparagus. For dessert we shared bread pudding. It's a pretty cool restaurant. It's in an old building downtown and has a tin ceiling and chandeliers. They claim that it's haunted, which terrifies me a bit. I tried to hold it but ended up going to the bathroom hoping that I wouldn't have some sort of supernatural "encounter." I've been watching too much of those haunted shows on the history channel. I didn't have an encounter. So we had a pretty good night.

Today I got up nd played the Easter Song by Keith Green and shed a tear or two - but we didn't go to church or anything... not surprising.

Then we went to his Aunt's for easter dinner. FABU! His brother cooked leg of lamb, this fabulous risotto with proscuitto and saffron - it was very interesting and went really well with the lamb. We also had ham, potato salad, rolls, the usual fare. Desserts were good too - a death by chocolate cake, lemon squares.

Oh wait - Mom's calling.

Ok - back - talked to her for awhile. She said they're having a "white easter." Aah- the joys of the upper midwest. They live in St. Paul, MN.

So - as I was saying - it was a lovely spread - not to mention we got to drink wine today - which is a total no-no in my family. They're as dry as bones. But his family doesn't have a problem with it - so we drank white whine in our crystal goblets. It was lovely.

Well - I will go for now. Sorry that this was so - this happened then this happened then this happened. I like to be more philosophical with these things. When I have more time . . .

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