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Another day almost put to bed... Just got back from Pierre Part (Chad's home town). His friend Bennet's dad died and we went to the wake tonight. I didn't stay long - ended up driving over to his Mom's so she could hem my bridesmaid's dress for Rachael's wedding.

My God - am I fat! I looked like - a celadon green sack of potatoes. Horrific. Thank God for girdles - although I don't know how much "gird" mine has left in it. I just wish they treated really fat tummies like growths. "Yes doctor I have this rather large growth on my midsection - it hurts my back - yes it hurts to sit . . . in pants especially..."

Wouldn't that be cool? Not even like lipo- this would have a more medically necessary spin on it. If we treated fat like a large unpleasant growth imagine the progress I could have already made. I guess they only want to treat growths when they're on your head or your face or some other relatively thin place. Guess it's pretty hard to convince a doctor that you have a huge growth consuming your entire upper thigh.

Oh well- one can dream. I still would like to see the day when my weight-loss coma is introduced. Lose weight, learn Spanish, have the classics read to you . . . all while enjoying a six month relaxing sleep. (And the nurses exercise you so you actually tone!) I'd do it! Imagine - drifting off into blissful dreams just as June is heating up and waking up, not only thinner, but smarter, bilingual and just in time for Christmas!

So- what else is new? Work was pretty busy. I've been deemed power point queen at my office and have been working on this especially difficult presentation. It's giving me fits. I spent the majority of my day on it.

I'm really happy at my job. God is good! I'm lucky to be there.

Well - the bed is calling to me. More tomorrow . . .

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