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Today turned out to be quite a lovely day. Work was pretty interesting. I feel like I got a pretty good bit of work done. Got a contract signed and sent off, among other things. For lunch I really didn't feel like staying in, so I convinced my brother to come pick me up and take me to lunch. We had such a nice time. We went to an Italian cafe downtown that we'd never eaten at. I had the combo plate with meatballs, pasta and chicken parmesan. He had the chicken parmesan sandwich - delicious food. It was rather funny, actually, because the italian "mama" of the restaurant came and tied a bib around my neck, midway through dinner. She said it was nothing to be ashamed of and that I was "lucky" enough to have a nice bosom to block my lap. You know - I've been thinking of creating "the boob bib" for several years now. I think it could catch on - especially in LA where implants abound. I mean - why have a napkin on your lap when you've got this gigantic "breast awning" blocking your lap? So - I think I like this place!

After lunch, we decided to take a walk around downtown since it was such a nice day out. We talked about how cool downtown is and how you don't even feel like you're in Baton Rouge and how everyone should go downtown and walk around once in awhile. We walked a few miles to the main street market and both got ice cream cones and walked back to my car. It was a fun lunch - and all in under an hour.

Anyway - just sitting around watching a Frasier rerun and waiting for Queer Eye to start. Hoping that won't be a rerun. I can't believe that American Idol didn't come on. Oh well - tomorrow.

Well - tomorrow is my early morning- got to take another shot.

Will write more when the mood strikes!

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