Not much going on . . .

Just sitting here feeling more bloated than ever. Having the monthly friend and can't seem to go to the bathroom (not that you want to know that).

But anyway - Survivor is on, but I'm not really watching it too closely. The crew is reading their letters from home now and weeping hysterically over them.

Today was pretty good. Pretty mellow overall. I have a good bit to do tomorrow.

I've been looking at a lot of the surveys on here lately. They are pretty cool. I filled out one today.

Nothing much else is going on. I found a very awesome radio station online. it's at vh1 radio. it's called pop for sale and it's only songs from commercials or that are featured on commercials. Very very cool.

Well, i will dash for now, because there's not too much to say.

More later

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Our First Baby is Due on November 23!!!
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