Sunday morning

It's sunday morning now. A day that has changed for me quite a bit over the years. A day that I spent most of my mornings (and sometimes evenings) at church for the first 23 or so years of my life. A day that I sometimes spent frantically searching the want ads (for they are the best on Sunday) and looking for the right job - then spending the afternoon preparing resumes and letters and the like.

Now, most of my Sundays are spent lazing in the house. I watch CBS Sunday Morning - a show I really love and then I put on a load of clothes, or fix a bowl of cereal and relax. For the entirety of football season, Chad usually spends the day at his friend's house in Donaldsonville watching the game. But I don't feel lonely. On those Sundays I may choose to venture out and do a bit of shopping. When he's here with me, we usually stay in.

Today will be much like that. We'll stay in for the majority of the day. He'll go outside to cut the grass and wash the cars - I'll be in washing clothes, tidying up. We may play a game later on - because we've been jonesing to play something - but we're almost burnt out on Trivial Pursuit. Perhaps I'll go to Barnes and Noble and buy this game we've been wanting for months - an all music trivia game.

Yesterday was quite interesting - an unusual Saturday, because both of us had to do work related things. I had to attend the UDL conference at Claiborne and he had to be there to work all the equipment - so it was cool. We met in the boardroom for the board of regents - which seats 274 - a rather large room. I sat in the audience and he sat on the Dais so mostly we flirted the entire time and texted each other and made eye contact when anything weird happened.

That reminds me of something I made up a long time ago. The Glance Exchange. I guess it comes from a lifetime of being in church - it's basically, when you're in a crowd or class or church or whatever and the teacher/pastor/speaker says something ridiculous, funny or whatever - it's who you look at - who you make eye contact with so the two of you can share a silent message like" oh that's funny" or "oh my god can you believe he just said that" or "he's talking to you, buddy (for church)."

And there could be several people that you look at - these are all those that you have "trade relations" with in the "glance exchange". Chad and I have great trade relations.

The highlight was when, Chad who had controls of all the cameras in the room (it's a very large board room with this little touch screen for all the cameras, screens, sound, etc)accidentally hit the wrong button and suddenly, my face came up on the giant screen behind the speaker at the front of the auditorium - because apparently he had put one of the side cameras on me and had been watching me on his little control screen (which I suppose is both creepy and exciting - at least it wasn't another woman).

I was so mortified. Because of course, I look up and see myself on the screen, and then I made a horrific face. Then the screen went back to blue again and he fixed the problem - but I was so livid, I wanted to kill him.

I got over it eventually.

After the conference we went grocery shopping at Target and then home. He cooked filet mignon and I made baked potatoes. For dessert, homemade chocolate chip pecan cookies - which were perfect!!! I have elevated cookie making to an art, I must admit - but only because I live with the true "cookie monster".

Anyway - a nice night altogether. And here we are in our computer room, watching CBS Sunday morning and chilling.

Well - I will go for now. I have laundry to do.

More later.

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