Well- another day. Actually a RED LETTER DAY! Today marks my six month anniversary with my company. Which means that as of now, it's very very hard for me to get fired! Practically impossible, in fact! Hurrah! I'm so excited I could scream.

Anyway - I have a ton of stuff to do today. I have to finish a power point. Tomorrow they're leaving for their conference in Minneapolis.

Then of course, the work for my actual boss is piling up, but I've got so many of these side deals going on. She understands though.

I feel really good today.

Yesterday I was so depressed about my weight I thought I was going to die. I saw a number on the doctor's scale that I have never seen before. I was so shocked that I was in a total stupor during the doctor's visit. He was asking me questions and I could barely answer I was in such shock. All I could think was -I can't believe it's come to this. I thought about asking him about gastric bypass, since he is a gastroenterologist but was too afraid of what he would or wouldn't say. Would he act like I was crazy for asking because i wasn't "that" big, or would he say something like "in your case it's a very viable option. I'll gather some reading material for you."

So i kept my mouth shut (a rarity, haha considering it's my mouth that's gotten me into this predicament!) However, this morning I decided to weigh and I was curiously 8 pounds lighter than the doctor's scale. AND 7 pounds lighter than yesterday (I weighed when I got home from the doctor's because I couldn't believe my weight was so high and it was only a pound less than the doctor's scale. So ... must have stressed 8 pounds off.

Anyway - so I came to work and the hotel fiasco ensued and i ended up having to drive to New Orleans to hand a check to some woman and then get right back in the car and come home. I think that if they're giving out "Runner of the Year" awards, I should get one.

Anyway - so back to the office to do some end of the day crap and then home again.

I cooked a pretty good dinner - pasta bake- which I made up. It's relatively simple. Brown a pound of ground beef with italian seasonings, some garlic powder, some onion powder. Cook beef. Drain in colander and rinse (to remove the most fat possible). Put back in skillet. Dump in can of tomato paste and tomato sauce (big can of sauce) and add red wine, sugar, salt, pepper, more seasoning if desired. Simmer.

In the meantime, cook up a pot of noodles. I chose bowtie and penne.

When noodles are done, strain and dump in 9 x 12 pan (glass or metal). Pour in meat mixture. Stir. Top with shredded mozzarella and parm. Bake for 10 minutes. Mmmm Mmmm Good!

Anyway - Chad loved it. Asked for seconds (a good sign).

We watched Antiques Roadshow and hung out for awhile before going to bed.

Tonight we are going to a wedding reception at the Country Club of Louisiana. Very excited for I've never been there. This is where Master P lives and some other famous rappers. Should be cool.

Have to rush to get a wedding gift after work. Hope this all works out.

Well - must get to work. Have a lot to do!

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