Just sitting at work having lunch. I've been working on the powerpoint all morning again. Had to animate a bunch of stuff - which was and wasn't fun. It was fun once I figured it out and was able to breeze through the rest.

Anywho - last night the wedding reception was pretty good. My cousin Jarrett got married a few days ago in Jamaica and they had the wedding reception here at the Country Club. Very very swank. I felt underdressed, but - what else is new. I managed to really control myself as far as food goes. I ordered diet cokes. I ate slowly. I chose a small slice of cake instead of a large slab, and had a cup of coffee with splenda when I felt like I could eat more. Figured I would stick to calorie-free liquids to help me feel fuller, which seemed to work like a charm.

So - we had a nice time. Missed American Idol but Rachael taped it so we're watching it tonight.

Chad stayed home sick from work today. He's cooking a roast right now like a good little househusband. Heh heh.

I can't believe that I've almost been married for an entire year! Good grief! Sometimes it seems like it's been eternity and sometimes it feels like it was only yesterday.

Chad was very sweet to me last night. For some reason, when we get in bed and night and have our little ritual of cuddling and canoodling before I go to my bed (which is a very loooooooooong separate story that has to do with sleep disorders and the dog, etc - so I won't go into it for now - just know that the arrangement is working pretty good for us even though I do hope that someday we will be able to sleep in the same bed) he gets really sentimental and ultra sweet. It's almost like he's under a spell. And he'll hold me and kiss me and stare at me and tell me that i'm beautiful and that he's never going to leave me. It's very nice. Then he'll say something like - you're the best thing that ever happened to me, ever and we're going to be together forever. And he'll kiss me all over my face. It's so funny because for some reason, he doesn't ever get like this vertically, but once he's horizontal, it's a different story altogether. Some weird chemical must travel up from his feet to his head or something.

It's quite nice and I think that we've actually kept the ritual going because we don't sleep in the same bed, thus we don't just climb in, roll over and say goodnight. There must be a goodbye ritual and it's very self-affirming.

Well - I will close for now. My lunch break is coming to an end and I still have to run to the bank.

More later.

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