The Lowdown Finale and Current Events

I bathed (again- I had done so the night before) and then wearily put on my pink shirt and grey pants - again. Since I had my black cardigan, I figured that I would button it all the way down so it would sort of look like I had a different outfit on. It seemed to work ok.

I went downstairs and had breakfast buffet by my lonesome - then went to the conference. I was feeling so stupid and crappy. I wanted to puke.

It was an all-day event. Pretty cool. I even got to meet Wendy, this girl that works for the company that I've been talking to all the time. She's been helping me with our project.

We broke for lunch at 11:45 and I raced to the front desk. Hurrah! My luggage had arrived and had been delivered to my room. I ran up to my room and there it was - in all of it's hunter-green magnificence! I wanted to embrace it, but gave it a conservative pat before lifting it on the bed and cracking it open. Thank GOD i put all of my toiletries into a single ziploc. It looked as if my shampoo had exploded inside of it! I remembered the pinata dream and wondered if it had been a premonition. I carefully removed everything from my bag, cleaned it up and then changed clothes. Aaahhhh! How nice!

Of course, when I went back down to the meeting, people were still asking me left and right if I had gotten my luggage. I was thinking - hello - i'm wearing completely different clothes. I guess it just goes to show that the old addage is true - no one is thinking about you - they're all thinking about themselves. I tried to relay these thoughts to one of the company workers but he only looked at me as though I were insane. Oh well.

That night - we were scheduled to dine at the La Cima club. It's this tres swank place on top of some building. You can see the entire Dallas skyline from there. It's the same building with the statues of the horses down in front = supposedly they used to show the statue in the opening credits of "Dallas". I don't remember seeing it, but oh well.

After the conference day was over, I went back to my room and lazed a bit - then showered, blew my hair out straight and changed into my "nice" duds.

Dinner that evening was really wonderful. There was, of course, another open bar, a jazz guitarist - lots of great conversation. I ordered a Cosmopolitan and started a trend amongst the women.

We had filet mignon medallions, creamed potatos and long beans with strawberry cheesecake for dessert. I also had some great talks with the ladies sitting next to me. We had an in-depth table wide discussion on American Idol as well. It was fun.

That night I stayed up really late watching TV. I watched Real Sex 28 on HBO. Very bizzarro. All about these people with this horse fetish, who want to be treated like ponies and ridden and saddled, etc. It was actually pretty ridiculous looking and I couldn't help laughing.

The next day - was the day I departed. I only got to attend 30 minutes of the first meeting before the cab came to pick me up. Now, supposedly the airport is only three miles from my hotel, but for whatever reason, the cab fare was $20 by the time I got out! Ridiculous! Thank God that I'll get reimbursed!

The flight was cool. I knew to ask for the extension up front- the flight was pretty sparse and I got to sit in my own seat. The visibility was also great, so I could see the ground the entire time we were flying. I just watched the big green patchwork quilt pass before my eyes.

Chad was there to meet me at the airport. We ran to get Lori a baby gift (Karen called me while I was at the conference and announced the bundle of joy had arrived) and then we went to see Lori and the baby. Very cute!

Then home where we relaxed, watched Oprah, ordered pizza and then watched American Idol.

Yesterday, I ended up leaving work early at 11:00. I went to visit my Aunt Mary in the hospital (she just had back surgery) and then I came home and layed down. I was exhausted and felt dead. Plus when I got to work I had like a million messages and emails and I just wasn't ready to face it yet.

I had a mini-crisis and cried and told Chad that I MUST do something about the weight and that I feel powerless and have to go to an outside source. We are continuing discussion on that.

Today i was a million percent better, went to work, kicked ass and had a good day.

Tonight- Survivor and now I'm here.

I'm tired and have stuff to do around here - so more tomorrow, I'm sure.

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