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Well - another day down the shitter. Not too bad of a day, actually. I got to leave work an hour early, so that was good.

I've been quite irritable lately, and don't really know why. Just very snappy and bitchy to all those around me. I need to just stop it. Perhaps my meds need to be adjusted. Who knows?

Anyway - so work was okay, I suppose. I'm getting more and more frustrated with the filing situation in my office, but I'm not sure what to do about it. I mean - imagine if I told you to take everything you own - and put it in 2 suitcases. That's what I feel like with these files. Stuff is just piled up all over the place -waiting to be filed - only there's no room for it. It just never ends.

Anyway - so - I had to do a meeting today downtown, but it turned out good. I was feeling like Little Miss Sunshine today - asking people if I could go to the vending machines and get them a drink - passing out agendas and smiling and making small talk. Then everyone began to say what a huge help I was and how great I was and I basically walked around with a shit-eating grin for the majority of the afternoon. It was ok, I suppose.

No - it made me feel good about work again, because yesterday I was hating it and being ungrateful again. Today was cool - even though I had to watch the front desk for a bit.

I left early because I worked late yesterday and ALSO because I had to run to Target and get something for my cousin's "romance" shower tomorrow night. Apparently, they don't call them lingerie showers any longer - so you can include trashy books and lubes and whatnot in the gift-giving. Actually it's a fabu idea and I wish I would have thought of it when I was getting married. I was obviously too freaked out to have my own lingerie shower. Yes - could you get me those edible panties in a 2X???? I just think a merry widow cutting into my fat like strings through rising bread dough would just be the sexiest thing on earth, don't you? I always found the casing on sausage sexy - here have a look at my thigh in this red spandex...

Yeah right.

However- I would have loved sex manuals, lotions, etc... That would have been great.

Sadly - for her gift, I did go the lingerie route. So much for me getting with the program and joining the 21st century. Oh well - she's not the blob that I am - so- she might as well enjoy it.

I'm so tired of being blobular. So very tired.


It's all about food, isn't it?

Food - that used to be just fuel for our bodies to live on, now has it's own tv channel. How did we get here? I don't understand.

So - tomorrow should be okay, I think. Busy as usual but I won't have too many interruptions like I've had for the past two days. Perhaps I can accomplish MUCH! I hope!

Then the "romance" shower and home to watch the AI vote off show. FANTASIA, I LOVE YOU!

More tomorrow . . .

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