Weighty Issues

Sunday morning.

Chad is still sleeping.

I awoke after a fitful night of sleep and strange dreams, etc. I know that I opened my eyes at immediately looked at the clock which read 3:56. Then I somehow went back to sleep. Most nights are like this. I think it's the fat, honestly. So many interesting problems happen to you when you are fat - secret weird things that you didn't realize would come with the territory. I won't go into it too much, but I will tell you that I had a sonogram recently because I thought I was having gall bladder problems (often associated with the overweight mind you) and the tests showed that my kidneys and liver were enlarged. So I went around for days freaking out and thinking I was relapsing cancer - and then my doctor told me that it was "fatty infiltrates." Thus, even my internal organs are fat!!! Can you believe it? It could be life threatening if its get worse, but they said it's totally reversable.


Pretty disgusting.

I think if I just somehow focus on simply the health aspect of all of this -not even the cosmetic and surface issues - but the fact that my liver is now fat and being made fun of by the other organs- that perhaps I could really do it.

The bottom line, though, and I know this is that I need professional help. I admit that I am powerless and that I need help. Now - it's just finding the right place to go that's the tricky part. Definitely don't want to go to one of those weightloss clinics. Been there and done that. First they sit you down for a two hour lecture about food and exercise and portion control - stuff that you already know and have already read about in several different issues of Woman's Day or something.

Then they weigh you and then they lead you into this room with this quack doctor who smiles and writes out a prescription for speed. Then you go and get your speed for about $75 and then you start taking it every morning.

And you lose weight! I mean, WHO wouldn't!?!

You go back once a month, I think or maybe every two weeks and they weigh you again and then you go into that little room with the quack doctor who mechanically writes out the prescription and smiles robotically at you and says have a nice day. You think - perhaps I should ask this guy some real "medical" questions - but you think again.

So basically - it's $75 bucks a month for the pills (which is more than Cable TV) AND i think you have to pay the clinic like, $30 a month or something.

I don't know.

I lost 30 pounds and then ran out of money and couldn't go back and thus the weight piled back on in spades.

Chad is now up. He just entered the room.

Anyway - I think if I got paid to lose weight - then I would do it. I wonder if such a thing exists. If there's like this crazy eccentric billionaire who used to be fat and is now thin and wants to help fat girls of the world - so he pays them to lose weight.

That would be cool.

I don't even remember if I recapped the weekend or not.

Friday night we went to the Luau at Michelle and Eric's. We really had a great time. They decorated the place fabulously! And the drinks and jello shots were flowing. It was fun. Lots of laughs.

Yesterday was a nothing day. I didn't leave the house all day. I spent a ton of time downloading music to make a mix cd. Even though I have over 800 songs, somehow I didn't have the right ones for the mix CD. Go figure. I need to clean out my music folder.

Anyway - and then I washed about a million loads of clothes. Does that even end? No! AGH!

Last night Chad cooked dinner - crawfish and cream sauce over linguine which was delicious even though he skipped a step and forgot to drain the fat from the crawfish. It was still good - just not as creamy as it should have been. I made a pie - of course.

Then we watched the first season of Dave Chappelle - which we got on Netflix. Hilarious!

Well- it's mother's day - and we're going to his aunt's for lunch so at some point I need to get ready.

More later . . .

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