I am so irritated right now - because I have once again screwed something up here. I forgot to put something on the calendar and now Dr. P is probably thinking that she needs to get rid of me. I think this is the fifth thing that i have forgotten and had to apologize for. I hate that crap. One of my life mottos has always been "try not to do anything you're going to have to apologize for." it seemed to work pretty well. I don't know what i think about that motto. On the one hand, you could say it's great because you're constantly trying to treat people in such a way that you don't hurt them and have to say you're sorry. Yet - in the same vein, it's almost selfish - like - you hate to apologize and hate to admit that you're wrong... I don't know.

I'm just pissy.

It is my anniversary as well. I was going to write a long flowery speech about how happy i am but am in no mood to at the moment.

Maybe later. And it's not Chad's fault - so -

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