Anniversary and other events

Well - it's now Tuesday night. Quite a full few days. Guess I'll start by wrapping up yesterday.

I got home to find a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon and a card waiting for me on the counter. I called Chad in from the computer room so we could have the "card opening ceremony" and we exchanged our cards. I'd bought his about a week ago and was excited to give them to him (I had to get two.) His card was so beautiful. I wish I had it so I could type out what it said, but I left it on my desk at work. I'll have to do it tomorrow. It made me tear up, really.

We cooked some little crappy steaks that we had and I made rice and crescent rolls. Nothing too special because we are low on fundage right now. We plan to do something a little better in a week or two. Maybe get away for the weekend.

But - we ate dinner and drank the wine. I had about 1/3 of it and he had the other 2/3. Needless to say - he was buzzing pretty good. I was feeling nice... pretty toasty, but not sloshed or anything.

Then I brought out the cake top and we both had a few pieces. Not bad after being frozen for a year! Then we looked at our wedding pictures and he told me how beautiful i looked that day - etc.

Then, I became violently ill. I was in the bathroom for at least 45 minutes. It was awful! I don't think it was the cake because he didn't get sick - i don't know what the hell it was - but my stomach was going crazy.

I won't go into much detail. I'll just say that I have "plumbing problems." I do have IBS with constipation but am not on that pill. Anyway - that's probably too much information right there.

So I was sick on the toilet for our anniversary night. By the time I got off - the toilet that is - Chad was in bed feeling woozy. He gets extremely sleepy when he drinks. So we laid there and cuddled and then I went to bed. Nothing too magical because I was sick and he was too out of it. It's okay though. I'm beyond that whole "We have to have sex at this time or on this day" thing. I used to be really bad about that - but now, I'm just like - it's quality not quantity.

So - i had a very rough night. My stomach was queasy and I couldn't seem to get comfortable. I started reading Carnie Wilson's book "Gut Feelings" and already I'm thinking that I'm going to end up having to have the surgery. Apparently, NOTHING worked for her but the surgery. She even had some kind of live-in life coach and nutritionist for years and years and still couldn't keep the weight off. Good lord! I'm going to keep reading though. I'll see what I think by the time I'm finished.

At 2 am I was awakened by the grand subtlety of Mr. B lightly tapping me on the arm with his empty water cup. He had actually picked it up with his teeth and carried it up onto the bed. The proceeded to hit me with it.

I keep a plastic cup filled with water on the floor for him to get drinks during the night. He always has to have water. And when he runs out -he lets you know - no matter what time it is. And so I had to get up and fill his cup and bring it back in. I was quite annoyed - but it was my own fault for not filling it before we went to bed. It's not like he can reach the sink or has opposable thumbs for that matter.

Anyway - this morning was rough because I had to leave really early to get to a meeting. I was running the ppt. presentation for Dr. P. She's afraid to do it by herself - but I don't mind because there were some tricky things going on in the presentation. I was launching batch files from action buttons and everything.

Anyway - I wasn't sure where to park. It was at the Sheraton downtown but in some part of the casino. So I parked in the garage and decided I would just walk through the atrium.

Well - as I'm leaving the parking lot, I stop at the little parking lot attendant box and ask the attendant where the VIP meeting room is. He tells me that my best best would be to ask someone inside and then he rambles on for a minute. This is a pretty old black guy - in his sixties or so. A nice guy.

Then I began to walk away and he says "Oh yeah and you know what else?"

And I turn back and say "What's that?" thinking that he's going to further instruct me and he pauses and says

"You sho' is pretty."

I couldn't help but laugh and mumble thank you. It did make me feel pretty good, I must admit.

It put a good spin on my day.

The presentations went well. And then I left to try and attend this other meeting at United Plaza. Even though it started at 10:00 and it was already 11:00 by the time I left, Dr. P said that she wanted me to go there just to touch base on behalf of our system. I was like - sure, sure.

What a nightmare!

I drove around for at least 20 minutes trying to find the right building. And then once I got into the building I realized that you can't go from one end to the other because all of the hallways in between are card access only. I was so irritated. I got so turned around. I somehow got to go through the building once because this girl didn't close the door all the way and I found the meeting room with a sad little notebook paper sign saying that the meeting had been moved downstairs to the back end of the building. I had actually passed it as I first walked in the doors and into the elevator. So I went down the elevator and when I came out on the first floor I was in the lobby of the Secretary of State's offices - both doors were card access only. So I was totally trapped.

I got back on the elevator and went to the third floor thinking maybe there was a narrow passage back to the other side of the building only to be told by a worker that I would have to go outside. Now this was a big building! AND it was hot!

AND I am fat!

So I took another elevator down to the first floor that opened into some sort of mail room - where I met up with a woman who took me for a brief walk outside through several flowerbeds and landscape to a door that she opened with her access card and then she led me to a room that had some other meeting in it. I finally found the meeting room I was looking for at 10 til noon. I thought - if they are serving lunch at this thing - i'm going to look like the pig showing up to the trough just in time. The room was packed and there was nowhere to sit. Luckily on the table outside of the room there were all the materials and the sign in sheet - so I grabbed up the materials, signed in and got the fuck out of dodge.

Upon entering my car, I noticed that there was white crap all over my black pants. Then I noticed that I felt like my head was going to explode. Pollen! Ugh! From traipsing through flower beds like a damn goose.

Anyway - I did end up back at the office at some point and managed to get a ton of stuff done. I can really say that I feel like I've finally gotten back on track with work! Hurrah!

And then home to hubby. He cooked drunken chicken on the grill. Actually, it was coke can chicken. Tres delish!

We watched AI and this special about Frasier. I can't believe Frasier is going off the air! Actually, I can believe it - but - it's sad. It was really really good this season.

I didn't get to vote tonight for Fantasia because the line was always busy. I hope that is a good sign.

Oh yeah - and you know how we went to that wedding reception at the country club a few weeks ago for my cousin Jarret? Well today I was talking to my granny and I found out that his wife is on her death bed! In London, where they're both in medical school. They went to Jamaica on a cruise and then back to London and she started feeling really sick about 4 days ago. She was running high fever and then went into this mini coma. So she's in the hospital and they just found out that SHE HAS SARS!!!

I can't believe that!

Just the other day I was hearing on NPR how they thought they had it contained this year.

I just can't believe that shit. My cousin is devastated. They've only been married for 2 weeks. I really pray that she pulls through.

Well - more tomorrow. I'm tired.

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