After the rain . . .

Well - yesterday was quite a wet one! Good lord! It rained so much it was terrifying. Then Chad's car died last night. It wouldn't start when he left the gym. He somehow managed to get it started and made it home. Then it wouldn't start again when he tried to go to the store. UGH! We'll have to get it fixed this weekend. It's not that old of a car - like a 2000, i think.

anyway - so last night was okay. i was VERY disgusted with American Idol. I'm glad that Fantasia is still there but I can't believe that LaToya is gone! OMG! That stupid Jasmine Trias. Stupid little flat singing piece of shit! I'm so mad!

i will have to vote for Fantasia a million times next week. I will single-handedly cause her to win. I am convinced! Ok - now i'm getting crazy.

this morning i had to bring chad to work so we had to leave 7:00 and I'm used to leaving at 8:00. I was so tired this morning, but at least I get to leave earlier.

Tonight we're going to my Dad's for dinner. Granny is cooking gumbo and Sara is grilling something. It should be good.

What else is new?

Nothing much. Still reading the Carnie Wilson book and feeling more and more like surgery may be the only answer. But - i'm still not totally convinced. I don't know. It would be kinda cool to only need a handful of food to fill you up. But I would definitely miss food. There has to be a lot of waste with the aftermath of that. Ordering ribs just to have a bite and then having to throw the rest away. I guess you just can't eat out much. Or maybe you find a whole gang of people who have all had the surgery and you all go to the restaurant and share the same plate. Hmmm...that's a thought.

And i'm also wondering about getting pregnant. I know a baby needs a lot of nutrients -but if you can't eat . . .

What do you do? I'm going to definitely check into that.

I've been taking surveys all morning. Having fun. You should check them out. I think you can get to them through my profile.

i'm listening to I love the 80s on the VH1 station, which I love. Dancehall days is playing.

Well - that's enough for now. I will go. More later

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