Coming out of the Dark

Didn't get a chance to write last night. Was so busy!

First of all, let me just start by saying that I am feeling GREAT! I don't think that I've felt this good in at least 6 years! I'm serious! It's very exciting for me and I feel like already, the momentum is building. I've been doing great so far. I've been concentrating on myself and my worth. I've been keeping a detailed log of my intake and activities and weight at - a sight gretchen introduced me to the other day. I LOVE IT!

I'm so busy trying to eat the foods that are good for me and right for me, that I don't even have time to eat the bad stuff. This website has really changed my life. Suddenly my goals aren't just about calories and fat grams. Now I'm trying to get a certain amount of nutrients and minerals. Suddenly I'm aware of how much Ribloflavin I'm taking in per day. It's fascinating. I've always been a fan of trivial statistics. Not that these are necessarily trivial - but - it's just interesting.

So - yesterday was pretty good. As I said I woke up feeling like a million bucks! I feel like my body is thanking me. I feel like every cell inside of me is alive and knows what's going on. Not that this is the perfect analogy - but I feel like my cells and my organs must feel like the jews in the concentration camps must have felt when they were finally rescued. My body has been starved for nutrition and care. I now feel as though there's a secret wave of energy washing over me - that somehow my insides are carrying on anexcited conversation - "We're saved! We're saved!"

I know that maybe that sounds crazy, but . . .

That's how I feel about it.

So - I'm doing well. Chad has also been very supportive. I'm grateful for that.

Anyway - so work was okay yesterday.

And I went home and cooked a dinner for myself. I actually ate too much! I was sick for the rest of the night. I made chicken quesadillas on these wheat low carb tortillas. UGH! I was ill.

Then I went to Rachael's - my sister is housesitting for her. So we hung out and looked for wedding invitations online. We found some for her - she's getting married in November and I'm going to order them today.

Then we went to Target because I wanted to get a multivitamin to start taking every day.

And then I went home and cleaned and hung out with Chad. I have SO much energy! It's very exciting.

Well I need to get to work.

More later

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