Le Weekend

Hello world! Things are still great here - as far as my nutrition goes. I'm still doing and feeling great.

Had a pretty good weekend. Friday night Chad and I went to Kamado's and I had the very healthy grilled chicken plate with steamed veggies and rice- one of my favorite dining out meals in the world - even when I wasn't all that concerned with nutrition.

Then we went shopping at TJ MAXX and he bought me a few little "reward" items for losing 4 pounds.

We had a good time.

Saturday was pretty good as well. He had to go into work for a few hours and I hung around here doing a few chores. We met up at my Aunt Mary's in Baker. We had such a nice time. I love my Aunt Mary and Uncle Bill. I call her Mamie and have ever since I was a little girl.

Anyway - she cooked lunch for us and we swam and talked for hours.

That night we headed to his Aunt Bern and Uncle John's for boiled crabs- which I detest - but we still had a pretty good time.

Today we went to Pierre Part because his brother was cooking lunch. We brought Mr. B - who had a grand time.

Lunch was good - he fixed me this grilled chicken breast that he stuffed with sliced red grapes, lean ham and pecorino cheese. So delicious! He also made homemade pasta from scratch. It was wonderful. He tossed the noodle in a light saffron dressing.

For dessert he made something called semi fredo - this dessert that is like ice cream kinda - it's an italian dessert. It was vanilla flavored with crushed almonds. Very good. Very light.

I feel that I did really well today with everything. I ate slowly. I didn't overeat. I didn't get panicky. It was a good day.

Mr. B was in heaven again, of course.

And here we are at home.

Rachael and Will are back from their honeymoon all tan and happy. I went to see them tonight and they gave us a little gift from the islands - cake and tequila - which is cool. After I told them about my new life changes and whatnot they were a little sad that they'd bought us cake - but I was like - no no -I can eat anything- just not too much of it.

I've been telling myself - you are in control when it all boils down to it. Your brain tells your hand to put food to your mouth and your brain tells your mouth to open it. The food isn't sending any secret subversive messages. You are in control.

So - I'm really looking forward to feeling better and better as each day passes.

Chad is in crisis over his job. Too much to write out - but we are all praying that it works out for him. It's such a bad situation! He's been applying for other jobs so hopefully something will come through this week.

Well- that's about all for now - will write more tomorrow.

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