Still Hanging On

Well - another day - another small victory.

But that comes later-

Last night I came home and fixed myself a fabu meal of pasta with steamed veggies and chicken breast and was in heaven with it. I was so hungry.

Then I went to the library and checked out a bunch of books that other diarylanders had recommended on a few of the book surveys on here. I'm looking forward to reading them, but I'm still reading The Book of Ruth. That is a very interesting book. It really sucks you in, little by little. Now I feel completely sucked in by it and didn't want to have to put it down and go to sleep last night. Well written.

Anyway - I woke up this morning and did a stupid thing. I weighed and I had GAINED a half a pound. So- logically I know that I've been doing great- I haven't binged once -I haven't overeaten. It's fluid. Maybe I needed to go to the bathroom. Anyway - I can't keep weighing myself so often. It will really defeat me. I have to weigh just once a week and that's all. I haven't measured either. That was a good trick I used to use in the past when I lost weight. That way, even if the scale hadn't budged, I would discover that inches had come off. Oh well - maybe on Sunday I'll measure.

Today - my office mate asked me to go out to lunch - She was suggesting Mexican and all kinds of places and I kept saying - No I don't think I'm strong enough. No I can't go there yet. We went to Kamado's. She'd never been and she LOVED it. We had very healthy plates with grilled chicken and veggies. My usual. It was nice.

Chad went on a job interview today. They weren't paying enough though, so it was a dead end - but oh well. He was glad to be out there, interviewing and trying to sell himself. It's always great practice.

Tonight I took a short walk. It's the first time I've walked in ages. I took Mr. B out - who loves "walkies" and was practically dragging me down the street. Now that is one canine with a lust for life and the air around him and exploring new territories. I could learn a thing or two from him, I'm sure.

I have to clean the kitchen - ugh. It beckons. Tomorrow Dr. P is back in the office. She's been out since last Friday. I did accomplish much today, though.

Well - more tomorrow.

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