Linguistic Thoughts

Don't know why I've been thinking so much about language and words and linguistics lately. But I had some thoughts and I wanted to note them.

First of all - I want to see a list of all of the ways to say "yes" and "no" in every single language. I was thinking that, most likely, in every language the two words would be very distinguishable, no matter how they were said. I don't know why I was thinking this. I was sitting on the couch and the thought popped in my head that someone could not think that you said no when you said yes - because there was no way you could make those two words sound alike. Then I was wondering how it was in other languages and if there was such a language where the two answers sounded alike - if there had been a history of fighting and chaos because of it. Like, say someone's word for no was "bark" and their word for yes was "bart". I don't know why I was thinking about all of this. My mind works in crazy ways.

I was also thinking about the fact that I don't have too many problems with a french accent. I was remembering that in one of my child psych classes, we discussed that when a child is born it has the linguistic capability to pronounce anything specific to a language (such as the "r" in french or the rolled "r" in spanish or even those clicking sounds in africa) but if a child doesn't hear them or doesn't use them when they began to learn how to speak, they will lose that natural ability. Well - when I was a child, I was around a lot of french speaking people - my grandmother and her mother and several aunts and uncles. So I'm wondering if that is why I seem to have no problem with the french accent. It seems to almost come naturally to me.

Oh well - these were my little thoughts for the day.

Back to work.

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