Well - what a great day! So far that is! I'm alive and things are good.

So - for last night -

I don't think I mentioned this, but Lori called me the night before last and asked if I would sub in their monthly Pokeno game. I've always heard how much fun she has and how great it is, so I was really really happy to do it - even if it meant I wasn't going to be home watching the AI finale with Chad - (YAY FANTASIA!!!!!!!!!)

Anyway - so yesterday work was good. I got a ton of stuff accomplished with the files - I've come up with a strategic plan for thinning them out and Dr. Pinsel liked it. So anyway - I went to the Pokeno game and had a great time. If you've never played, it's like Bingo with cards. Really cool. There were prizes, but I didn't win anything. I still had a great time, though. We watching AI while we played.

Anyway - so after we played, I was invited to be a regular member of the group. I was thrilled and agreed. For a moment, it was strange - I was reminiscent of high school for some reason and times when I wanted to fit in or be invited. I know it's totally different - but it felt the same. Like the time I got invited to one of the cool girl's party. Anyway - so apparently I now have a Pokeno group. I am the American Dream! A little house, a husband, a job, a cute car, a wiener dog and now - a pokeno group. heh heh

The other great news is that, although I shouldn't have, I weighed this morning and I have now lost SIX POUNDS! Hurrah! Victory!

Last night's food situation was interesting. She fixed crawfish etouffee and rolls and then cookies. I was like - Ok here's the test. I fixed a normal portion of rice and gravy and took one roll. I had one cookie, no more. I drank diet soda. Although, I must admit that there is an edge in being with a group of women who aren't "totally" comfortable with each other. There's that tendency to daintily pick at food and take less than you normally would. The usual chick scenario.

So -- I did good.

Today - I'm beaming with health and happiness. Although - I know that my body has a long way to go before I catch up with what's on the inside. It's funny because I wonder what people think when they see me buying all this health stuff. I guess they think I'm making progress or saying to themselves "good luck chubbette" - I don't know.

I just have to keep doing what needs to be done.

Well - that's about it for now. More later.

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