Ok - so his boss didn't actually resign - yet. He packed up his entire office and prepared to resign and then he decided that he would try to "plead his case".

He's supposed to be coming in today to see what happens. The Commissioner is deciding his fate.

Who knows?

I still think it will all work out for the best.

Last night we went out to celebrate anyway. We went to Chili's where they have a healthy menu and I got the guiltless grill chicken platter- pretty good. What was difficult about being there was the smell of all of the other food. That made it hard to smile and have a lot of love for my sad little chicken breast, nasty rice and undercooked veggies.

But - I press onward.

Afterwards, we went to Walmart so I could stock up on Powerbars - I've been having them for breakfast every morning - tres yum. I can't imagine ever getting tired of them (knock on wood).

I also got some Blue Bunny Fat free frozen Yogurt called Chocolate Brownie explosion or something like that. Only 110 cals per serving. Very satisfying.

I'm so sick of all the low carb crap. What a joke! I did Atkins for the first time about 5 years ago and I've never felt so bad in all my life. It's like the torture diet. And then once you can't take it and sink your teeth into a biscuit, the weight just piles back on. Atkins for Life, my ASS! You can't!

The first lawsuit was announced yesterday. This guy's been doing Atkins faithfully for 2 years and bam - he's having heart surgery.

I'm sorry but unlimited bacon and meats is not a logical thing. I don't care what you say.

I'll be so happy when people finally get over this carb craze crap.

Well - today is good so far. Just enjoying friday and waiting to hear from Chad on the latest scoop.

I will go for now.

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