Things I forgot to mention . . .

Oh yeah - I forgot to mention this -

We watched Kill Bill yesterday! I LOVED IT! I really didn't think I would, but it was great. So enthralling and cool. Tarantino - for awhile I thought you were a little "too cool for your own good" and over-rated. I totally take that back now. You are a god!

I can't wait to see Kill Bill Vol. 2. I wanted to see it yesterday afternoon - but Chad has this thing about going to the movies. It stirs up anxiety issues with him. As I've said a million times, he's like a large, hairy, Gentile Woody Allen. Neurotic to the core.

The other thing -

I saw something quite horrific the other day and need to share it.

I went to get my shot on Thursday at lunchtime since I was too late to get it on Wednesday, and there was this older couple in the elevator with me. Well, you know how when you get in an elevator and the usual maneuvers are look up, look down or look at your watch.

So I look down. And I see something strapped to the old man's leg. He's wearing khaki shorts and a polo and something is strapped to his calf. With closer examination, I realize it's an IV bag - full of yellow liquid. Then I see there's a tube going into his shorts leg.

Oh my God!

It's a catheter bag! AGH! I can't believe this. I'm thinking - dude - why didn't you wear long pants or something? How bizarre to walk around with your pee in a bag, for all the world to see, strapped to your leg. It was just too weird. And I saw these people come in from the parking lot. And this place that I get my shot - it's just a doctor's office - it's not a hospital or anything.

I imagined them just hobbling into Picadilly afterwards and walking through the line - a person trying to eat their mashed potatoes and gravy and then glancing over to see a bag of urine strapped to some old man's leg. Imagine the vomiting that might ensue.

Anyway - freakish and bizarre.

Ah - my office mate just informed me that there's a urology center on the third floor. Well - that explains some of it, but still . . .

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