Well - I've lost seven pounds as of this morning. Pretty cool, eh?

I just knew I'd lost. I felt it and so I had to weigh. And - lo and behold I'd lost another pound. Wonderful!

Yesterday was a pretty good day. We never got the go ahead to leave early, but I decided that 4:00 was good enough and so I cut out then. I have the vacation time.

Chad's parents were at the house doing yard work with Chad. He and his dad built a little brick path for me. It's very cute.

Anyway - so I cooked dinner for everyone. Baked chicken and potatoes with green beans. I also made a fabu dessert - Lo fat, lo cal, lo sugar trifle. I used angel food cake, fat free sugar free chocolate fudge pudding which I blended with fat free cheesecake pudding (it did have some sugar) for a really nice taste. And fat free cool whip, of course. I layered the cake, pudding and cool whip a few times and voila -dessert. Very comforting - in more ways than one. Everyone loved it.

Ooh - and his parents brought me a big bag of eggplant! So at some point today I need to find some good recipes.

What else??? Nothing much, really. We watched Antiques Roadshow and then they left. I got out the yoga mat again and stretched for awhile. I also danced around in the computer room. Chad often goes to this New York DJ site and plays mixes for me and I dance around so he can laugh at me. It's fun and a pretty good workout. After only 10 minutes of dancing, you will burn 74 calories! At least- someone my size will.

Still feeling good. This is day two of week three and I'm not feeling angry or punished. I'm feeling like a new person! My only wish is that the weight would come off faster - but - I know that isn't the best way. They say that if you lose at a relatively slow and steady pace - you are less likely to gain it back.

When I reach my goal - I'm going to allow myself a 10 pound range at all times. I think I will be okay if my weigh fluctuates between the same 10 pounds.

I wonder what I will look like? I mean - I've been very thin before - but I was like - 21 then. I wonder what I will look like now. I hope that I don't have a lot of gross loose skin. That is why I'm trying to do a small bit of exercise everyday now. Whenever we move to our new building next month, there's a Y right across the street and I'm going to start going to it. I used to go last year - but then I got bogged down and . . . well - you know all the excuses I could list, so it doesn't pay to list them. Part of it was that I hated getting home at almost 7:00. No time to cook - no time to do anything. It sucked. Hopefully - this setup will be better - since it's right across the street.

Well - I guess I will close for now. More later.

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