Boring Wednesday

On my lunch break so I thought I would write a bit.

Went to Applebee's yesterday for lunch. They have a new menu with 10 low fat and lean items! I was tres excited! I got the Baja Chicken rollups which left a little to be desired, but still . . . Just to have more options is awesome. The problem I had with them is that they had purple onions within the wrap. Even though I couldn't taste them, the very thought of them made me ill. I was gagging down most of the bites. I know, I know. It's mental.

They also have 2 desserts so I chose the crustless lemon berry cheesecake. Also - very good - but definitely not worth $4.50.

I was sick to my stomach for the rest of the afternoon. Could not abide the presence of the purple onions within me. Didn't throw up, but thought about it.

So - yesterday was relatively good overall. Last night I cooked eggplant. I dipped them in lite italian dressing and then rolled them in breadcrumbs. I then baked them at 400 for 40 minutes. The last 10 minutes I placed sliced mozzarella on each eggplant slice. Not too bad- only 4 grams of fat per slice and I only used 2 slices. Then when they came out, I covered them with this light Ragu Marinara I bought - only 88 calories for a whole cup of the stuff - and no fat!

It was so delicious. I couldn't even eat the entire plate.

We watched Miss Universe and then the Chappelle Show, which we love. I again stretched on my yoga mat for 30 minutes. All was good.

Chad's boss is still there - he has yet to be dismissed or fired or whatever. We are hoping that something good will happen.

Today was supposed to be my early day, but I just couldn't do it. I was so tired. I stayed up until almost midnight finishing my book - Love Me by Garrison Keillor. It's his latest. I really loved it, but I don't know if everyone would. I love his style of humor. So - I guess tonight I will start on The Lovely Bones. Have heard a lot of good things. Hope it lives up to the hype.

I think I've read a book a week since I got married. I'm telling you - when you don't have a tv in your room (and for that matter- a husband) you can really get some good reading in.

I feel like there is something really important I'm forgetting to mention, but I can't remember. Oh well.

Well- more later.

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