Thank God this morning is over! I was here until 6:30 last night getting ready for 2 meetings that we had today. I just got back from the conference center and everything went swimmingly! Yay for me! We had a great turnout at our second meeting, I set up the lunch table, ate a bite and then I was outta there.

I feel much better. I was really stressed yesterday. I had minutes to type and a million copies to make - actually my office mate made most of them, but ... whew!

So - now I have to try to pick up on the stuff that I shoved to the back burner. I'm sure there's a million things that I haven't even thought of yet. Oh well - that's how life goes when you work for one of the busiest women in the world.

But- what a great woman. You know, the other day, some of the other assitants were talking about how they didn't feel appreciated and how it really depressed them, and I thought - I don't even know what that feels like anymore. EVERY SINGLE DAY when I pop into Dr. P's office to say goodbye for the day, she says "Thank you so much for all you do to help." And she's completely sincere about it. I think that's so cool. I always walk out of here with a smile on my face and know that I'm not going to dread walking back through the door in the morning. What a miracle! What a difference from my last job - the hellhole!!! I'm so grateful.

Anyway - so last night I was really here late and then I went to target to get TP. I also had a major hankering for something Mexican, so I bought some fat free beans and tortillas AND cheese. Here's my latest weight watching trick and tip - when you buy shredded cheese (2% milk cheddar), 1/4 of a cup is 80 calories and 6 grams of fat. Now - 1/4 of a cup is pretty small when you measure it out. It's easy to go overboard when dealing with shredded cheese - especially on tacos or burritos. However - one slice of 2% cheddar is 3 grams of fat and 50 calories. So - you can put a whole slice of cheese on your burrito, it covers everything more evenly, and you really get that cheese taste throughout. With shredded, it's sometimes touch and go and you have to use the entire 1/4 cup on each burrito to really feel like you've got cheese on there and that's twice as much fat per burrito. I hope that made sense.

Anyway - so there's a little tip from me to you.

So - I had two bean burritos (with one slice of cheese on each) and blue bunny frozen yogurt for dessert. I felt as though I had stuffed myself but my fitday log showed otherwise. I was totally within my calorie/fat/carb range for the day.

AND - I've lost another pound! So that brings me to a total of 8! Pretty kewl!

It's becoming so much easier as each day passes. I feel like these eating habits and this lifestyle is becoming more and more a part of who I am. I think a big part of it is that I don't feel punished. I know I've said that before, but what eureka thing it is for me! When I look back - every diet I've ever been on was a punishment - because Mr. Wonderful of the moment doesn't love me, I'm going to punish my body into submission and thinness and then he will wake up and see. Or - uh oh fat girl, you've been eating too much pizza and junk food and now you must be punished from your culinary delights and forced to subsist on salad and other gross, tasteless foods. It always felt like some sort of cruel time out.

This time - it's totally different. It's like a reward or a prize. A little trophy that I give myself every day - the gift of health. The gift of a longer life. The gift of me.

My lord - now i'm getting all teary.

I love my diary. Thank you Gretchen for inroducing it to me.

Last night I finished The Lovely Bones. I just had to! It was really good but creepy. I loved it though - in a weird creepy way. So beautifully written - so well written that I even felt stupid and inept while reading it and thought - who am i kidding thinking that i could actually write a book someday.

But - perhaps someday I will.

So - i was up until almost 1 and i'm so tired today. I've been seeing little fuzzy floaters out of the corners of my eyes all day long. I really need a good night's rest tonight.

Well - I will close.

More later.

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