Anyway – I ended up going to my Dad’s at lunch so Sara could do my toes. So I’m going to sneak in an entry while I have a moment.

First things first – as of this morning NINE POUNDS of me has mysteriously disappeared! Hmmmm…. Could it be all of that WORK? I think SO!

I was actually hoping for 10, but I was glad to see another pound go.

Also – score a victory for me last night! I went to the restaurant and my friend Amanda was the only one there so far so we got to talk for a while. Turns out she’s been doing Weight Watchers and has lost 19 pounds! So the first few minutes I was there were filled with encouraging talk about weight loss. It was really cool.

I ate about 7 chips I think. Not bad- I know I had said 5 or less, but I wanted 2 more and I didn’t think I should be so rigid, lest it lead to a terrible downfall.

I ordered the grilled chicken (no melted cheese and peppers on top, please) with the grilled veggies and rice. It also came with a large plop of sour cream and guac – which I promptly gave to Karen – the sour cream that is. Guac doesn’t tempt me.

It was pretty good – I didn’t necessarily feel denied or in pain or anything. I just kept telling yourself – you are with your friends and you’re talking and laughing and all is great It wouldn’t matter if you were eating a bowl of cardboard!!! This is so true when you’re eating out with people. It’s the best time to order something that you totally don’t care about – because you’re not going to pay that much attention to it.

Then we went to see Harry Potter - which I thought was really good. I liked it but was a bit antsy throughout the film. Felt like I should be doing something - walking up and down the stairs or something.

Then home where Chad and I talked for awhile before we said our goodnights.

Today is going pretty good. Just working and doing the usual. Today we're touring our new building. That should be fun. What else???? Not much else going on - oh wait!

Chad and I are going to a wedding tomorrow night that his ex wife could possibly be at. I've never met her, but I just had a dream about her the other night and so I'm not necessarily looking forward to it. I've heard that she doesn't have too much in the department of discretion and that she's the kind of person who'll try to make ridiculous jokes like "Oh does he make you bake cookies all the time?" or "Oh does he scratch his feet a lot?" And I just don't want to have *that* conversation. (Put it this way - she once called our house and wanted to speak to me because she heard that I had PCOS (cysts on my ovaries) [and I won't even go into how she found that out] and she wanted to ask me what the symptoms were so she could compare hers with mine. I refused to talk to her, #1. I told Chad to direct her to the PCOS website HELLO-THE INTERNET! And I thought- get the fuck out of my uterus, woman! As if!)

I mean even though I know that Chad was married before, very briefly, but married nonetheless, I don't like to think of him that way. I don't like to be reminded that he shared all these "firsts" with someone else. I mean -I know I had some firsts with my ex - but still . . .

At least when we have a child - that will be a first for both of us. I'm looking forward to that.

So we're going to this wedding and Chad is obsessing about what we will wear. He said that he's looking forward to showing up with a much more beautiful and better wife. I'm like - OK- hmmm - why don't you just come right out and call me a trophy. I mean - not that I'm a huge prize . . . well actually - I am a HUGE prize - which is part of the problem. But still -

Ok- enough for now.

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