So Ė here I am at lunch again. Had Pad Thai Ė a frozen lean entrťe Ė not too bad, but a little on the green onion-y side. Probably wonít buy it again. Iíve really found that the Lean Cuisines are the best. They canít compare to the other brands.

Anyway Ė so letís see Ė yesterday was pretty good. Lazed around and did a bunch of nothing. I didnít even change out of my pajamas the entire day. I did get some things done around the house though- washed clothes and did the kitchen and Chad and I also cleaned out the computer room. We came across quite a few pictures Ė many pictures of the skinny me back in the day, at a time when I was too ignorant and stupid to really know that I was thin Ė because of course, I thought I was huge back then. Now that I really know what huge-ness means, I donít think Iíll ever take looking like that for granted again. Also stumbled across some of my old calendars. Ha! Funny to look at. I canít even tell you how many Mondays have scrawled across the top ďFirst day of rest of lifeĒ and then little notes to drink water and exercise. Iím disgusted when I look back on all my failed attempts at this. Oh well Ė at least Iím making up for all of that now. I really was shocked when I got on the scale this weekend. I mean Ė we had steak last night- granted it was Lauraís Lean Beef, but it was still a steak. In fact, dinner last night was excellent. I made baked sweet potatoes which we topped with a cinnamon and brown sugar mixture. Brown sugar only has 60 calories per packed tablespoon. Not too bad at all. Iím still going to have to get some sort of butter substitute. I never realized how much I eat butter until now. A pat here, a pat there Ė not thatís it bad for you, but I always want more than a pat on my potato or my veggies or whatever and you canít do that and expect to lose weight. So - I must bring in some substitutes ASAP. Tomorrow night we plan to go grocery shopping. Oh and tomorrow is my very last allergy shot at the office Ė I get to start giving them to myself from now on. Actually, Chad is going to come with me tomorrow so he can see how itís done, just in case I freak out about giving it to myself. I donít think that I will,but, you never know. Itís one of those situations where you just donít know how you will react.

Anyway Ė so now Iím eating grapes Ė part of the bounty we brought home from the produce market. So wonderful.

Last night, Chad and I were laying in bed, and he was touching my arm and saying how much softer my skin feels now that I have started eating right. Itís so true! I told him I had noticed, but I wasnít sure if I was imagining things or what. He said that my eyes look brighter and the skin on my face is clearer. He says that it is night and day from how I looked a month ago. Thatís pretty crazy! I guess I am starting to look different. But itís subtle Ė like the color in my face, the condition of my hair. Iím loving it, though!

Iím also wearing a shirt that I havenít worn in at least 5 months and it fits me better now than it did when I bought it! Iím very thrilled about this.

Well Ė Iíll go for now. More later.

P.S. - I'm listening to Bowie right now - hence the title.

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