A Keen Fifteen

As of this morning’s official weigh-in, I have lost 15 POUNDS!!! WHOA! WOOHOO! I can hardly believe it.

Upon examining my fitday food diaries for the past few days, I have consumed considerably fewer calories- thus the weight loss. The cool thing – I wasn’t even trying to consume fewer calories, per se. I was just eating what I felt like eating.

I am currently at lunch, of course. I just finished a most delicious Lean Cuisine – Chicken Florentine Lasagna – and am now having an apple for dessert. That is one of my rules- always eat dessert. But don’t eat fattening desserts. Just change your idea of what dessert should be.

So –last night was the shopping extravaganza – which went well. Well – first we did the whole shot thing – which was okay – although I think Chad was nervous, or else he wouldn’t have been making a million bizarre comments to the allergist. I was a little annoyed, but got over it, eventually. You know what’s funny – that C2 commercial for the low carb coke – it actually sparked a little realization. In the commercial, a line comes on the screen and says “you can’t stay angry”- and I was like –hmmm – that’s such a great truth. I know, it’s silly. But it’s what I thought. It’s a rather comforting thought when you do get angry.

So we did the shot thing and then went to Pier One and bought candles and some very cool bookends for $5.18. I was so shocked at the sale price that I had to get them. Then Kamado’s. Jimbo met us there. We had a good time. He tried sushi and liked it. Good times. Good convo. Then to Target for shopping. We got our father’s day gifts and cards and a shitload of groceries.

Tonight – we’ve been invited to a BBQ at Granny’s. My PawPaw’s sister and brother-in-law are in town for a week and so we’re going to visit. Chad’s never met them. Should prove to be interesting, considering my uncle is the corniest man that ever lived. No kidding. A corny joke a minute with this man. It’s “chuckle funny” at first and then it gets really old. I must also mention that he barks like a dog at random intervals. He thinks this is the funniest thing in the world. It is not. Apparently, at some point, someone told him he did a very authentic dog bark – which, I admit, he does, but then again, so do I – and I’m not yapping every ten minutes.

It will also be another test, of course – but I’m not too worried about it. I’m not becoming lax or anything – I’ve just come to trust myself a bit more than before – a very good thing.

I’ve got a lot to do around here, so I’d better get back to work. Not much more to say anyway - it’s been a quiet day. Dr. P is at an all day training so I’ve been quietly working uninterrupted all morning.

More later.

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