Busy Times and Bowel Blues

Well – still wildly busy, but I thought I would take a few moments while I “enjoy” my lunch to write a bit.

Let’s see – I think I left off on Monday… Monday night I went to the library and checked out more books – obviously. I did check out 2 that I think will help me along this weight loss journey- one called “When Food is Love” and another one by this black woman. I can’t remember what it’s called, but I know that she started out at the same weight I did – so it intrigued me. I figure- this is a journey like any other- and if I were planning a trip to Paris, I’d probably check out some guides and whatnot- so since I’m on this trip to “Thinness” I’ll check out some guides for the journey.

And of course, yesterday was buck wild around here. I’m still in the midst of preparing this book for printing. I just found that I had accidentally spelled “community” as “cOOmunity” on 13 pages – but because the word was embedded in an object, the spellcheck didn’t catch it. Son of a BITCH!!! AND it’s already been converted to a PDF, so now it has to be converted AGAIN!!!

And Dr. P has gotten some sort of “letter bug” and decided that she needed to compose about 50 letters and leave them all in my chair. Sometimes there won’t be letters for weeks and then – BAM! And of course each one has a trillion recipients and attachments and cc’s and it takes days and days to prepare them. She doesn’t trust email – so that explains a lot.

I actually BAKED the other night. I did a lowfat banana bread – tres yum. It was strange to drag out my mixer. Chad said the sound of the bowl clinking against the mixer sent a chill of delight up his spine. I guess he was reminiscing about his cookie days- when the mixer was used once or twice a week. Those were and ARE the BEST cookies ever. I have perfected the chocolate chip cookie, I tell you. I’m going to have to make him some for his birthday. The man deserves a batch on his special day, you know?

Last night was the birthday party. She LOVED the plates- I knew she would. Granny made her famous banana cake. Agh the banana cake!. Imagine – a layer of moist butter cake, topped with bananas in a sauce that seeps into the lower layer and makes it even more moist, then another layer of butter cake, then more banana stuff, then another layer and THEN the entire cake is topped with the fabulous, perfect seven minute frosting (which tastes like marshmallow cream – only not as thick). It’s heaven and hell all at once. I had a small piece and some sugar free ice cream which my stepmom was kind enough to buy in remembrance of the diabetics and dieters in the group. We had a great time and my dad fixed my car- which had been locking in park every single time I got in. Turns out its some crappy little button near the break that gets stuck. Go figure! I’m not sure how I feel about the Beetle anymore. I’m not going to say that it’s a total lemon- but – I don’t know. I’m still so in love with it – everytime I see it, I’m like “hi there, little buggy boo” in my head. It makes me smile. And of course, silly me is thinking, “if I just believe in the car and have faith and don’t think negative thoughts, then somehow, it will work for me and be good”. I know that is so sick and sad and just as illogical as can be- but, everyone, no matter who they are – has some sort of superstition in their lives.

So- last night was a great time. I’m feeling good. The scale was down by 2 pounds this morning – still haven’t been able to go to the bathroom. Me and my damn bowel!!! Geez! I swear – I just don’t know what to do. I’ve been to the gastroenterologist time and time again. I’ve had all manner of humiliating procedures and still – they tell me to buy over the counter colace and take one a day. And I guess it would be simple enough to do so – but for some reason, I refuse! So – I guess it’s my own fault.

Anyway I guess I will go for now. More later

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