Today is Chad’s birthday. He is 31! Wow! He said last night that 31 feels much worse than 30 because at 30, you’re still pretty close to your twenties, but at 31, you cross some threshold. I guess I know what he means.

Tonight we’ll probably go out to eat or something. Who knows? We do have the party on Saturday.

Anyway – didn’t write at all yesterday – don’t’ really know why, either. Guess I was busy.

Let me think – what went on . . .

I finally talked to Dr. P on Monday afternoon – then left and went to three different stores looking for power bars. I was very disgusted at the prospects. All three stores had them – but two of the stores had tons of expired bars. I was incensed!!! I was cursing a blue streak. (Wonder what that means, cursing a blue streak?)

Anway – so I finally found them at Winn Dixie of all places and hurried home afterwards. That night, Chad cooked steaks and I made baked sweet potatoes – delicious!!!

The next day, I stopped at Wal Mart on my way to work to get a gift bag for Sara, since it was her birthday. I don’t know if I mentioned what I got her- I found the cutest little crawfish thingy made out of tiny car parts- (the body is a spark plug). I guess that sounds sort of sad and cheesy – but ever since she’s moved here from Oklahoma, she’s wanted something with a crawfish on it for her kitchen – since it is SO quintessentially Louisiana. So I got her this one and I bought a candle at Walmart to add to the bounty – and a card of course.

I also decided to follow the Dr.’s advice and go ahead and buy the damn Colace. Funny thing about that – they had the bottle of Colace for $15.97 and then right next to it was a bottle of the generic Walmart brand that said Stool Softener in large letters for $3.97. I compared the ingredients on both and found they were exactly the same. So I’m thinking – hmmm- seems like you can pay more and not be shamed by purchasing something with the word “stool” on it, or save $11 but announce your bowel problems to the Walmart checkout person. And the funniest thing of all … guess how much a plain old enema costs?

97 cents.

What is the price of dignity? Apparently - $15.97.

I went for the Stool Softener. What do I care?

I then dashed to work and got a few things done here and there. Ended up going out with my office mate at lunch – didn’t eat out – just went out to this plus size shop Catherine’s. Pretty cool, place. So this is where all of the really nice plus sized items have been hiding for the past 5 years! Oh well – I knew about the place, but didn’t think the clothes would be decent or young or bohemian enough. They had a nice blend of things- I think anyone could find something they liked –they had flashy things and countrified things and modern items and really dressy dresses. They also had bins of the cutest tee shirts on sale for $9.99. I think I’m going to go back and get a few pretty soon. They were awesome!

I left early again yesterday – since I have the comp time to take back – and went to my Dad’s to give Sara her gift. She really liked it. Then my brother got home and we talked for a very long time. He went to see Fahrenheit 9-11 yesterday and was still pretty traumatized. He said it made him cry and he was totally freaked out. He said that after that, Bush is not getting his vote. It’s funny because, he said that over the past year and a half, he’s completely transformed his views about politics and social issues. I know that a lot of it has to do with college – but – he said it’s been interesting for him to watch himself change. I told him that he really should sit down and write about it and that it’s something people would be interesting in reading – a social and political commentary of sorts – about a young twenty-something male who, only a year ago, was thinking about enlisting in the military, and now, in his heart, protests the war. I should be his publicist.

As far as my views – agh – such a tough subject which I don’t like to talk about much. I’ve seen the propaganda on both sides which makes it so much more difficult. I don’t hate George Bush – I never have. I just don’t know how much I like him. Something doesn’t seem right, you know? Something seems phony. Something about him reminds me of my old boss- rich, privileged and hiding behind a veneer of morality and Christianity, but doing things to serve himself only. I don’t know - I guess I shouldn’t compare our president to that bastard. I guess I am cynical. If he turns out to be the good guy – ok, whatever. If he’s the antichrist- ok – not surprised. Nothing shocks me at this point. I mean – I know it’s the highest office and everything, but when, just a few years ago- you’re reading about your big chief playing hide the cigar with an intern – I mean – kinda takes away from the dignity of the position.

In the end, I encouraged my brother to try and keep things in perspective. That war is horrific and cruel no matter what- and that Moore had an agenda and wanted to do everything in his power to make that agenda come across – AND- if someone had only showed pieces of my brother at his worst moments, how would he feel? He had thought about all of this. I’m not saying that I don’t think Moore’s film had a powerful message in it that can’t be believed – however, liberals and conservatives alike have found plenty of errors in the movie and supposed “facts” have been disproven. So – what else can you say? I don’t know. I’m going to do more research into it online, actually.

So – after our long heart to heart about all things political, I went home and had dinner with Chad. We watched a little TV and then went to bed.

This morning, when he came in to kiss me I had 2 cards waiting for him. One from me and one from Mr. B – which was an actual “from the dog to Dad” card. I wrote on it in green crayon in childlike writing and signed it with a paw print. Very cute. He got a big kick out of it.

So – just sitting here at work procrastinating. Guess I should do something productive. More later.

(Still steady at 17 pounds, by the way!)

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