Early Morning Mental Marathon

Good morning. Felt like writing this morning for some reason. Actually, it’s because I’m reading a Bill Bryson book – A Walk in Woods – and it’s so funny and engaging that it makes me want to write. (so forgive me if this entry is “Bryson-ish”).

Anywho – I did finish the Carrie Fisher book last night and then moved on to Bryson. It was called The Best Awful – all about her recent manic episode/hospitalization/turn-around. It was ok only it was LOUSY with puns. Some puns are okay –but every other word was some sort of cute punny reference and I was getting sick of it. So right after finishing, I began the Bryson tome. So good! So funny! I love this man! Thank you Karen for your recommendation.

So – last night we went out to eat – to Chili’s. Which isn’t too special, but he didn’t feel like being particular AND it’s close to Sam’s. I had my usual guiltless grill and we did get an appetizer. The boneless shanghai wings with wasabi ranch dipping sauce. OH my God! They were SO GOOD! They were TOO good, actually. I could hardly stand it. I ate some and had to ask Chad to remove them from my reach – I liked them waaaay too much.

So after dinner we went to Sam’s and bought meat and bell-peppers and mushroom and all things shish kabob-ish. I don’t know if I mentioned that it’s a kabob party. Anyway – we’ve decided on chicken and pork. We’re going to do a variety of things with both. We had fun at the store. He was being silly and cute. Oh how I love this new medicine!

After Sam’s we decided to stop at the Dollar Tree on our way home to get plates (after we’d decided at Sam’s that 160 cups and 400 plates were just a little excessive). We bought red and blue plates and blue cups and red napkins. In my mind, I was protesting. I wanted a more colorful spread and didn’t really want to do the patriotic thing- even though it IS 4th of July weekend. But Chad wanted red and blue. Then I spent a good ten minutes picking out sunglasses. Mine actually melted in the car. In the damn built-in sunglasses case. I went to put them on and they fell right off of my face. The arms were all warped outward and fucked up. I couldn’t believe that.

Anyway – so I couldn’t decide between these 2 pair and then I realized- DUH, I’ll just get both. They are only a dollar!

Oh and throughout the store, Chad kept asking, “how much is this?” over and over again and every damn time I would say, “Oh a dollar” and not catch myself before he started laughing.

This morning I awoke at 5 am with panicked party thoughts. My first thought – Oh God- Why didn’t we get the long oval sturdy Chinette plates? My God how stupid can we be? I can’t believe we bought those blue and red plates! They’re not big enough for kabobs! Oh no! Then I remembered that Rachael was bringing over lime green chip bowls. Oh no! I blanched at the thought of the horrific clash of navy blue, red and lime green. Then I began to freak out because we didn’t have a tablecloth. We must get one- even if it’s paper –my mind raced. Then I gasped aloud “Side dishes!” Had we planned for any? Oh yeah – grilled corn, with the husked tied back cutely. But only corn!?! Shouldn’t there be something else that required a fork? Like potato salad or beans?

Then I began thinking about the cake. The cookie cake I had promised. Did I even have butter at this point? Would it spread evenly in a pizza pan? What about decorator bags and tips? Would they be expensive? Should I put pecans in the cookies? What if someone had a nut allergy?

Further racing thoughts – What if it rains? What if no one shows up? What if we poison everyone with undercooked chicken? What if the cake burns? What if I ruin it? What about chairs? Should we get extras? Could Rachael bring some over? Should we have fruit?

This typical early morning brain activity, I know.

When Chad came in to kiss me, I blurted out “Chinette!” He looked at me quizzically. “We should have bought the oval sturdy chinette plates! What about chairs? Fruit? Rain?”

He leaned in and stopped my mouth with a kiss.

“When you are awake and in your right mind, think it through- make a list. Call me later.”

And he was gone.

So here I am at work – about to make a list. I know Rachael will help. She’s fantastic with stuff like this.

Well – more later. Must do something work-ish.

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