Well - 20 pounds lost! Can you believe it?!?!?

Guess I'll be having my massage soon enough - probably on Saturday. Anywho - things are very interesting here now. I cannot divulge any of it - and I may even have to start a private separate diary to talk about it. Perhaps not. Very sorry that I can't talk about. I will try to talk about other things - but it will be difficult. So- bear with me.

Anyway - the party was pretty good. The kabobs went over well. Sunday we spent lunch with Granny and my family and the afternoon with his family. A lot of good times.

Sorry I'm not being my usual elaborate self - but I'm really tired. I promise I will not be this way for long. I just need some time.

Anywho - yesterday I won't even go into.

Today I stayed home from work - migraine. Plus I had my gyno appt. of the year. Ugh. It was okay. Everything was seemingly okay. Then home - then library - grocery - home - cooked dinner - talked with Chad for hours - and here I am.

So - that's about it for now. Sorry this is a little sad. Don't worry about me. Say a little prayer.

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