21 pounds, people!!! 21 pounds!! Can you believe it? Moving right along, ain't I?

Anyway - that's the big news.

Just sitting here at work eating my lean cuisine, which has far too few calories. Only 120. Now how is that supposed to be a meal? Good grief!

Anyway - so to recap.

Last night Chad and I met with our soon to be new pastor - which was great. I really like him a whole lot.

It was funny because he was asking us about ourselves and I was giving him my full liturgy - so then he asked about my work and I told him about my current job and then I mentioned my old job that I'd had for 2 years. And he says "Wait- hold everything. You worked for R.R.?" (I'll just use initials here). And I said, "OHHHHH yeah" So then he proceeded to go on about his own dealings with the man and how he is one of the most awful, evil people ever!!! Our new pastor was saying all of this! It was hilarious! I thought it was great that he totally understood where I was coming from. Not many people do.

I can't wait for church on Sunday (never thought I would say that!)

Anyway - after that we went to Las Palmas for dinner where I was very good and got the taco salad BUT DID NOT EAT THE BOWL!!! You can NEVER eat the bowl and respect yourself in the morning. They may as well serve the salad on a stack of donuts.

Anyway - I got grilled chicken on the salad. And I didn't eat all of it. It was slathered in sour cream and cheese -but - didn't eat it all. And you know what - because I didn't WANT to eat it all. Because I was full - not because I feared the fatty dairy products. However- I did have to purposefully not eat the shell. That had to a concious decision.

So - after din din we went to Target where Chad spent his gift cards. We mostly got stuff for me, but - he said that he's going to get something else soon - something that you can't get at target - a blackberry. Fine by me.

We got the much desired badminton set. I've been wanting to whip his ass in badminton for months now. And now the time has come! HA HA!

He also bought me a little coin purse with a dachshund on the front. I was thrilled!

Anyway - I'm just trying to get things in order around here for our conference day in August. I'm the head of the awards committee. It's funny because now all of the people who were supposed to get the recipients to us two months ago are hopping and bopping because we told them we're giving each chancellor a time to talk, on camera, about the recipients. The footage will be shown at the ceremony. So since these chancellors have learned about their photo ops- suddenly they're all cooperating like sheep. Funny - appeal to a man's sense of vanity and you have them eating out of your hand.

Anyway - the weekend should be great. We're going to Chad's brother's restaurant tonight in Houma. I think we're meeting his parents there. So - that's the events on the horizon for tonight.

More tomorrow, I'm sure. I've got to crack some more whip on these chancellor's assistants.

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