The Rest of The Weekend

Well - Sunday night. Just hanging out. The past few days have been pretty good - a good bit to tell.

First off - yesterday - I left the house at about 12:30 or so and went to Smoothie King for a smoothie and a bag of these Atkins cruncher chips - which I bought - NOT because they are atkins - which I HATE - but because they only had 100 calories and 3 fat grams. They were pretty good, I must say. I'm also into the C2 Coke - even though I know it's a carb thing as well. It's kinda like- half coke, half diet - which I've been doing at places where they let you get your own drink for as long as I can remember. So - it's cool.

Next- the massage. It was quite invigorating. A little painful at points. The girl doing it was a tiny thing - looked like me circa age 11. But man she could work the muscles. It was a full-body massage which I've never had - and it did make me a tad bit uncomfortable. I felt sorry for her as she was massaging the backs of my thighs. I thought about murmuring the word "pilsbury" to get a laugh - but it didn't seem appropriate. Oh well - at least it was dark in there.

It was rather difficult for me to relax during the leg moments. I began to obsess over what she was thinking - even though I knew there was no way I would ever know and no way she would ever honestly tell me. What pointless worry that is! I just realized how sad and pointless that is. Just now. Will try to remind myself the next time I am thinking ridiculous thoughts.

Anyway - I will say that this salon was good - but not as good as the one I went to last time - where I only had the 30 minute job. For one thing - the other salon gives you the real "spa" treatment. You get a robe and special slippers upon arrival. Then they sit you in a chair and give you this awesome relaxing warm neck pillow thing- full of lavender and clove. And while you sit with this wonderful warm pillow around your neck that for some reason makes me think of fall - you rest your feet in a warm foot soak. Then, massage time comes.

In this place - you were brought to the room, told to disrobe and get on the table. Which wasn't too bad. I mean - she did do a really good job and she seemed to know what she was talking about -but I liked the perks of the other place. The one thing I will say that I liked better about this place is there was no "next appointment" pressure upon paying and leaving. At the other place, as you're paying -they're like "So - why don't we go ahead and schedule your next appointment?" And when you say "oh no thanks - I'll just call" They look at you in disgust and you feel so stupid and ridiculous.

There was no pressure at this place. I liked that. I may go back there. I don't know.

After the massage I went to Marshall's and TJ MAXX - my favorite stores. I bought a few cool items at Marshall's - this giant blue bowl thingy - only it's more like a platter - for $7 - regularly 20, a white platter that matches this other platter for FIVE dollars - reg 25 and these cool cutting boards that have the word "eat" cut out of the middle. Also five bucks, reg 20, I think. I loved browsing. It was fun. They really play feel good music in there. I was noticing that. And it's not music that I particularly like all too much, but for some reason, when you're in the store - you find yourself singing. You find yourself actually loving Linda Rondstadt's "The Right time of the Night". And I'm not alone -because people all around me are singing. Singing and looking -not looking at each other - but at things. I don't think I looked at one person's face the entire time I was there. At one point, I began to feel odd. It's like being put under a spell when you're in there. Bizzarro.

After Marshall's was TJ MAXX - same atmosphere - but a little of the magic is missing. I guess because Marshall's and I go WAY back and because things tend to be cheaper in Marshall's and more unique.

So - came home and Chad and I lazed around for hours. Didn't really cook dinner. He wasn't hungry- he'd had a late lunch. We didn't attempt to eat until about 9:00. He had a frozen pizza and I had boca and fries. We watching the food network and he surfed online for cars. He's decided that he probably needs another one - and I think he's right.

Also - something peculiar happened to him yesterday while fishing. He developed "boat fever".

I tell you - I knew this was a common ailment of men - but never did I think it would invade our happy home. And yet- here it is.

I know this has much to do with the fact that I'm about to get a mega raise. I mean - I wouldn't mind having a boat. I'd like to get out on the water and do all of those nature-y things and write poetry and get some sun and perhaps catch a few fish - but - he said he's going to wait on it. See if the fever still remains a month or two from now. I think that's wise.

So - if the boat thing might be happening - that means that he has to get a truck. Which is fine by me. Comes in handy. He said it will be a smaller truck - so it won't be so bad on gas.

Anyway - this morning we went to church! HURRAH! Very good message and a good time! I really enjoyed it and I think he did too. After church - CRAPPLEBEES - which I don't think we'll ever go to again. These people cannot stop with the purple onions. I tried to get one of the new weight watcher's salads with no purple onions and was told they absolutely could NOT do it. No sir. Could not upset the weight watcher point balance. I said - I'm not on weight watchers - I can't stand purple onions. They refused. Couldn't do it. The table behind us complained about the lack of rice on their WW dish. Wanted more rice. The manager was promptly called to explain that the store owner would lose his job- his livelihood -EVERYTHING - if these people were served extra rice in the name of weight watchers. I'm not even kidding with you. It was a little frightening. Chad and I said we were surprised some sort of WW police weren't lurking about- in plain clothes - doing unannounced "weighing" of food on the plate.

"What's this? An OUNCE more of black bean salsa? Johnny - get the cuffs. I'll call for backup . . ."

Anyway - so we were relatively disgusted upon leaving.

This afternoon we put up the badminton net - which is a marvel of modern architecture- let me tell you. HA! I sincerely hope a bird doesn't try to perch or there will be disaster. I think even a stray leaf may collapse the entire thing.

But - we played a few rounds in the BLAZING sun. I swear I almost died. Not a good idea to play at 3:00 pm when the sun is crazy hot. Not good. Chad began ragging me and I didn't like that too much.

So - we came in and watched Auntie Mame - which I just got on DVD. I swear I love that movie so much. I know I've seen it at least 20 times. I used to watch it when I stayed home sick - or anytime I was feeling bad about life or myself. It's so great.

I'm glad that he finally watched it with me too, because at times I'll make Auntie Mame reference and he has no clue what I'm talking about. At least now he will.

Then there was a small skirmish because there was a little get-together at church tonight and he was like "are we going?" and i was like "well - i kinda wanted to cook" and then he was all "YOU don't want to go to church? YOU?" I felt really bad. Later on he said he didn't mean anything by it - just was surprised that after all this time- of me whining about wanting to go somewhere - that I would be the one to say I'd rather sit out - and he was the one who wanted to go.

Anyway - we worked it out - but it still made me feel a little sick.

For dinner I did asian - lo-fat sesame chicken (no breading, basically) and sesame teriyaki noodles. I had green beans as well.


And here I am - doing laundry and writing. I really hate this computer chair. I must get another one.

I'm really worried about tomorrow. I'm worried about how Dr. P will react when she finds out that I'm taking a different job. I really like her so much. I'm scared that she'll be hurt. I'm scared that it won't be handled well. I had nightmares about it last night.

Hopefully- all will go okay. Hopefully Dr. R (who will be my new boss) will really handle it well. She did say that if anyone would really support a woman moving up in the world it's Dr. P -who's come such a long way herself. But it still gives me a sick feeling.

Well - guess I will close for now. More laundry to tackle!

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