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Just finishing up lunch here. Been a wild couple of days. Projects, projects and more projects!

So – yesterday – nothing happened with Dr. P so far as I can tell. I was put to work on something dealing with our upcoming conference day – and Dr. P came in and said “So you’ve got a new job?” I about jumped 10 feet!!! Then she said “They really put you to work on this conference day stuff! It’s like a second job almost!”


I was so worried I was going to have to give the little speech I’ve been practicing for a few days now . . .

“You see, Dr. P . . . (dramatic pause to symbolize introspective thought collection) , , ,I really love working for you. But (a second pause) Chad and I (mention family right away!) want to have children soon (bonus for mention of future bundles of joy) and this job that Dr. R has offered to me pays quite a bit more. And – I would have opportunities to use my creative skills more often – she said I’d be working closely with our Marketing department and that I even might be writing (might want to get semi-choked up at this point) – and you know writing is my passion. So – I hope you’re not too disappointed with me. I kept telling myself “If any person would understand a woman wanting to make something better of herself (dramatic pause) it’s YOU!” I mean – you’ve really inspired me! I … I hope that you aren’t too upset.”

And hopefully, she will reply . . .

“Of course I understand. I think it’s a great opportunity and I’m really proud of you. I’ll find somebody else. Don’t worry about it! This is a great chance for you! You need to do what’s best for you and your family.”

But- of course, I didn’t have to give the speech – so – probably won’t happen for a while, if it happens at all.

So – what else? So I’m working like a crazy person on all of this stuff. And trying to keep Dr. P’s stuff straight. Nightmarish.

Last night, as I was boiling potatoes and Chad was seasoning the Mahi Mahi filets, the power went out. Damn the electric stove!!!! (What is the deal with gas stoves being so fricking rare? My lord! I grew up with a gas stove so I guess I never realized what a luxury it was.)

Anyway – we decided to wait for a little while and see if it came back on before resorting to eating out. So – we sat in the living room talking and playing with the dog. It’s funny how the modern human spirit – with it’s aching need to be amused –will find someway to entertain itself- even if it means playing tug of war with the dog and an empty potato chip bag (Chad’s choice of entertainment). I sat there and laughed and watched. It was actually quite fun.

After an hour, we headed to Jason’s and met up with Rachael and Will there. I had my first reuben – a turkey reuben to be exact (the lo fat one). Very yum! Can’t believe that I’ve actually come to like sauerkraut in my old age. Never would have predicted that one.

We sat there talking for what seemed like forever. When we got home, the power was back on – hurrah – and then we hung out until bedtime.

Mr. B has been acting out lately. I don’t know what’s up with that. Hmm – let me see if I can remember all of his recent stunts. First of all – I think I may have mentioned that he tore the screen off of one of windows – the dining room window. Just ripped the sucker off and then chewed it to shreds. Was thinking that perhaps he wanted to get in because of the heat – even though he was perfectly content to stay outside for the entire last summer. So – I thought – I’ll leave him in the bathroom during the day. He didn’t go for that either – rooted through the trash and shredded several maxi pads. Not a happy camper. He has done this little shredder routine for the last 2 nights.

Then – Rachael had hung this makeshift trash bag on the doorknob of my pantry when we were doing the kabobs – and I forgot about it. Well – he grabbed hold of the bottom (it was like a store bag) then tore the bottom out, rooted through the trash that had spilled all over the floor and taken what he pleased.

THEN – I had Subway last week – Tuesday I think it was – and I put my trash in the little can next to Chad’s chair in the living room. Then I went to the library.

When I came back - he had gotten into the trash- removed the Subway bag, taken the sandwich paper and spread it out on the floor and was licking the traces of light mayo and mustard.

THEN –last night after he had finished playing chip bag tug of war – he went into the kitchen and defiantly peed all over the tiles. Didn’t even try to let me know if he needed to go out..

We don’t know what the deal is with him. Chad’s thinking that it could be the weather. I don’t know. We’re going to have to figure something out though.

Well – guess I should get back to work. More later.

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