Turning Japanese

Well – eating lunch again. Another lean cuisine- not too bad. I must remember to bring some tortilla chips next time, though. This was called Three Cheese Chicken – but there was a ton of cheese left – after you ate the chicken and the broccoli – so – it would have been nice to have some Wow tortilla chips to dip into the leftover cheese. Oh well – I ate it with a spoon like soup. There were some little broccoli pieces floating around in there- so it was like broc-cheese soup.

So – what’s new?

Let’s see – yesterday went well overall. Got a ton of things accomplished. Last night I made lo-fat super nachos for us. Browned super lean ground beef (we like Laura’s lean beef) and then drained it and added taco seasoning. Let it simmer for awhile. Then put Wow tortilla chips on a plate (2 servings which is 18 large chips, 200 calories and 2 g fat), topped Chad’s with ground beef, 2 slices of the kraft 2% cheddar (only 100 cals, 6 g fat) and then melted the cheese over chips and meat in the microwave. Added 1 serving of salsa (30 cals, 0 fat) and 1 serving of FF Sour cream (50 cals, 0 fat). The ground beef serving was about 160 cals and 8 g fat. So – not bad and VERY filling and yummy and it seems almost sinful. I added FF refried beans to mine (160 cals, 0 fat). All around- it was awesome. Chad’s like – “How come you never fixed this before?” He really liked it.

I don’t think we watched much TV. I can’t really remember. Oh yeah – we’ve been watching “I Love the 90s” Pretty funny. We had a lot of laughs. Then bedtime. Still praying together every night which is really nice. I feel like it’s making us closer. We haven’t really been reading the devotional, though. It’s “My Utmost for His Highest” which his Mom gave to me for Christmas last year. I don’t know – it’s really old and the language is a little flowery. So my eyes tend to glaze over when we read it – which is ridiculous because it’s not like I don’t appreciate literature and have never read difficult text – I don’t know. I’d like to find one for couples.

Mr. B behaved himself last night. I told him that I was proud of him for being a good boy (so far as I know). Hopefully he isn’t hiding any “presents” for us anywhere in the house.

Tonight I am meeting my friends from my old job at Kamado’s. We’re going to have dinner in one of the special tea rooms (with the sliding doors and everything). It should prove to be awesome. The group has somehow swelled to nine people though, so I have to call and make sure that this will work. The Japanese don’t like you to upset their order of things. Nothing against the Japanese – I totally respect the culture and really admire their system of order and such – but I don’t want to freak them out with our giant group.

I need to call soon.

Well – guess I should get back tow ork.

More later

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