Long Time No Write

Sorry it’s been so long! Can’t believe it’s been a week! Good lord! What is my problem?

Well – I have been quite the busy bee. Let’s see – will try to recap as best as possible without being too boring.

So – last Wednesday night was girl’s night. We met at Kamado’s and I think it went well. Nine of us were there. We had a blast – lots of laughs.

Afterward I hung out in the parking lot talking to my friend Hillary about weight loss and eating disorders and her own personal battles with the two. It was very inspiring. At one point she gave me a big hug and told me that I was beautiful just as I was. I thought, Really? I guess I had never really tried to fathom such a thought. It’s always been “Oh well you’ll be gorgeous when . . .” or “You’ll look really good after 70 pounds are gone.”

It was very refreshing – Thanks Hillary!

So – the glorious weekend! The FATTENING weekend!


Friday night, we decided to go to Sullivan’s ( a very upscale swanky steakhouse) to celebrate my pending job change and salary jump. Plus we had a $25 gift card that I had won in the Christmas Door decorating contest.

So – we had bread. And wine. And the seared Ahi Tuna appetizer – which was waaay to spicy to eat. Should have asked us, would you like some tuna with your wasabi and cracked pepper?

So – I ate only one piece of that. Then I got a Caesar salad – and it was a real Caesar. I could taste the anchovy paste. I didn’t eat much of it.

For the entrée I chose one of the specials – pan seared Mahi over a bed of angel hair in a sun-dried tomato sauce. I figured – this won’t be too bad.


The mahi was breaded and fried! It was so good though. I ate every bit and most of the noodles.

Then we ordered dessert. I had cheesecake. It was wonderful. It came with fresh strawberries. Not in a sauce or glacee – just strawberries. It was lovely.

So – the proper amount of discretion was not used. However- I was reminded that it was a celebration and that I don’t and won’t often order cheesecake.

After dinner we went in search of new tennis shoes for Chad. We found some on sale at Shoe Station so that was good. Then home. The next morning I was planning to go garage-saling with Chad’s mom. Brandon has recently rented a house in Houma- to be closer to the restaurant and has no furniture or anything.

We got started at about 9:30 and didn’t finish until 5:30!!!! It was crazy. We got some great deals – she found a really nice rocker/recliner for $55. It’s a light tan color and suede. In great condition.

Then we went to a few others but really didn’t see too much. She found a few kitchen items for B.

At some point I got really lost and ended up at the Amite River! Ridiculous! So – we turned back and decided to only hit garage sales off of Highland Road. Screw this Prairieville search – it was too easy to get lost.

The first one we found was in this awesome neighborhood. It was an older couple from Germany who were moving back to Europe the following week. They had all this German stuff there! I was thrilled! I bought this pewter tray that has something in German etched in the center. What else? I found a clothes shaver (that removes pills) for $1. I’ve been looking for one for weeks now! And there it was – at this garage sale. Oh and I got a cute picnic basket from Germany.

Anyway –I really wish we would have gotten there earlier. Next we found a pretty good one and I happened upon this Martha Stewart comforter set for $10. The cool thing was that I had the same one but in the twin size. It’s my favorite comforter ever. It’s got this huge pastel quilted blocks on it. I love it. Anyway – there it was , rarely used and in queen size. AND it came with 2 shams. I snapped it up! What luck!

We went to a few others with no luck – but found this entire HOUSE that was part of a garage sale! The old couple who lived there had died and the kids were selling off the stuff they didn’t want. It was cool – like wanting into an antique store. I found a food scale – still in the box –which I’ve been looking for. And this set of tiny whisks – supposedly to be used as drink stirrers (they were from the 60s – in this very old box). I’ll probably use them for eggs. They are the cutest things!

We also went to another sale where the woman told us to just take whatever we wanted – because she was packing it all up. I got a beautiful scrapbook and Chad’s mom got a pair of shoes. For FREE! We had so much fun.

We went to the Salvation Army next to try to find a couch –and we found a pretty good one for $35. She also found a very nice set of canisters – blue clear glass with the suction tops – for 50 cents each! We made some great bargains.

That night we went to Frank’s Smokehouse (the place Chad said was one step above a truck stop) because we knew his parents would love it. And they did. It was good but I felt that I had eaten too much.

After his parents left – we played badminton for quite a while. We’ve been really playing a lot of badminton. Instead of tennis elbow –I have badminton forearm . . . and shoulder . . . and back . . . and knees . . .

Sunday was church (HURRAH!) which was great – even though our pastor was out of town. Then calendar’s for lunch where I suffered food indiscretion number 2- a fried chicken breast covered in a crawfish CREAM sauce. It came with steamed veggies and new potatoes only they were swimming in butter! I decided not to eat dinner. It was a bad decision.

I did end up having a bowl of cereal for dinner. And we played another hour of badminton –but a part of me felt like a failure. I know that I need to work on this. Just because you eat certain things – you are not automatically a failure. I don’t know – I really have to do some mental work on this.

So – the scale shows that I’ve gained 2 pounds back. I just don’t get it. How is it that it takes so long to lose and yet, you eat one or two bad meals and it just piles back on in record time? I don’t get it. AND I even compensated with exercise.

Oh well – could very well be a bowel issue.

The bottom line is that I’m pressing on! There’s no sense in crying over spilled milk. I just have to push ahead- remember my goals – remember my reasons and why I have to do this for myself.

So – yesterday was Monday. We began packing around here because we are moving to our new offices on Thursday. AND – the great news is that we’ll have half of Thursday and all day Friday off because they don’t want us in the new office while they’re hooking up computers, etc. HURRAH! AND the even better news is that today Dr. R will formally offer me the job and I will accept. I will start on the 12th of August. Can’t wait. People have been coming up to me and congratulating me left and right. Unofficial news travels fast around here.


So last night I cooked eggplant – Chad cooked shrimp - we had both with pasta and marinara. Very good. Tonight I’m supposed to do something with crawfish – IF I don’t have to stay late here to finish packing.

Oh – and I got the greatest magazine. It’s called Mental Floss and the little tagline is “Feel Smart Again” It’s just a collection of all these interesting facts. I love it! It’s awesome!

So – it’s Tuesday now. And here I am. A little heavier – but what’s a pound or two. Well – it’s a lot when you’ve lost it. But . . .

Oh well – more soon.

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