Ok - still super busy and not able to write much but I will say that one of my dreams was recently crushed the other night.

I don't know if I mentioned this but Chad's uncle was supposed to be giving us a piano. I was thrilled with this! THRILLED! So we've been waiting for months and then - finally - Chad says that his uncle is bringing it over this week. Hurrah! I can't wait for this! I'm ecstatic!

Then the other night his uncle calls to say that he has gone to the storage unit, uncovered the piano and apparently termites have destroyed it. Keys are disentigrating when you touch them. Nightmare! So - we have to refuse it. We're not bringing a literal termite nest (in the shape of a piano) into our house. So - Chad has promised me that we will find a good used one somewhere and get it soon.

It's just sad, though. It was supposedly his grandmother's - an antique and everything.

Oh well.

So - that's my piano disaster story. We are happily hunting though.

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