Just a little time here. Am waiting for my old office mate to come back to the office so we can leave for lunch. There are a million things I need to be doing but I really felt like writing.

Anyway – I appear to be STUCK on 22 pounds. (not the previous 23, mind you!) Granted I know it’s because I haven’t been eating as well as I should. I haven’t gone buck-wild or anything – but I know that if your goal is to reduce weight, you can’t eat like you’re trying to maintain – which is what I have been doing – and, shock of the year – it has actually worked – this maintenance thing. BUT- tis not what I want for now. I still have a long way to go. Hopefully, things will start moving again. Although – since they have yet to put a new refrigerator in the building, I haven’t been bringing my usual lean cuisine everyday – but have been eating out. And you know how that can add up. I’m sure there are hidden calories in everything out there.

So – what else can I tell – don’t really want to get into the whole “this happened, then I did this, then we went here . . .” Blah blah boring. Just the basics I suppose.

Had a wonderful four days off!!! Thursday was decent and then Friday afternoon I went swimming at my aunts (they were out of town)- which was great fun. Chad met me there after work and we swam together (ooh la la). Mr B. was also there.

Saturday I ended up having to take Mr. B to the vet because he eye was sealed shut with some crusty goo. He just had a little infection. Otherwise, everything was good. The vet commented on how shiny and pretty his fur was. Hurrah – I felt like a good mama.

Sunday was church – which was great. Then we went out and bought new bibles – the new living translation.

God is so good! Oh – and I don’t think I mentioned that Chad has been officially detailed into his old bosses’ position with his bosses’ pay (retro pay back to the day he was fired as well). When we receive his next check, it will appear as though we won the lottery. Thus- we are a little freaked out. It’s like we have acquired a whole other salary. Very interesting.

Anyway – as I said – God is good. We’re really doing well. Still praying and reading a devotional. I’m so grateful that things are going well.

Anyway – today Chad is interviewing – because this position he’s in now – is not permanent yet and they may still hire someone else. He’s doing this for leverage, basically. So he can tell his boss – well, I have a job offer, so – if you want me to stay, then I need to know the deal. Not a bad plan.

Well – guess I will go for now. I wish POM (previous office mate) would call – guess that’s what I’ll call her. More soon.

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