So sorry its been awhile. Still getting adjusted over here and busy as ever. The BIG news is that on last Friday afternoon, WE BOUGHT A PIANO. Its SO beautiful!!!! I need to link to some pics whenever I figure out how to.

Anyway its very old turn of the century upright- dark mahogany wood with carving on the sides near the bottom. Very cool. An old sound. It also came with this very old stool (the kind that you twist to raise and lower) with ball and claw feet! Its fantastic!!! I think the stool may be worth more than the piano!

We only paid 435 for it A SUPER BARGAIN- I think. And you know how I love a bargain.

Anyway otherwise things have been good. Had a wiener dog party on last Saturday. So much fun we had four wieners in attendance, Mr B, of course, Missy Red, Missy Black and Tan and Walden the puppy. It was so much fun.

I finally broke the threshold to 24 pounds although I dont know how long that will last if I keep eating Mexican.

Well Im TRES busy right now. So I just wanted to give a little update. Hopefully I will catch up soon.

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Our First Baby is Due on November 23!!!
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