Maternal Mortification

So - just sitting here watching the desk. Sorry it's been a while, but things are still so terribly crazy.

Getting new furniture tomorrow. Has turned into quite an episode because we have to get rid of our old stuff and we don't know what to do. Called the Salvation army and they don't pick up in our area code. Called Goodwill and they are backed up for three weeks. Called St. Vincent de Paul and they can't come until the 20th. AGH! So, Chad's trying to pawn it off on coworkers.

Anyway - things have been good. Now stuck at the current weight. I've completely stopped using fitday. Felt it was becoming obsessive and I don't want to have to do that forever, you know. I think a few months of it is good - gets you in the right state of mind to push forward.

Last night we barbecued and Chad's parents and my dad and Sara and Jimbo came over for dinner. What a great time!

We played piano and sang and it was so good. What I've always wanted, people at my house gathered around a piano and singing. It was like a concert in that place last night. My brother was on guitar and I had the piano. Then my dad would play from time to time. then just my bro. It was great. I nearly cried I was so happy.

Hopefully we can sing near christmas. Have a nice little group of carols sung. That would be awesome.

so - what else is new? Other than the furniture? Which is awesome by the way. Leather. Gorgeous. Dark burgundy brownish. With furniture studs on the arms. I love it. It's going to look so great in the living room. I wanted a darker living room - something cavernous. That's why one wall is deep red -the others are tan - so it does give some light, but . . . I wanted all the walls red. I wanted it to be like being in the womb. Alas- Chad wouldn't allow it.

So - anyway. The curtains are dark navy -very heavy - and we keep them closed. All the wood in the room in cherry. I love it in there. I feel that it gives off a sense of warmth. Oh and there's the dark wood floor. Actually it's not as dark as the furniture, but it's still dark.

Oh yeah - the absolute worse thing happened on Friday.

I had a meeting at the conference center and was feeling pretty cute and snazzy. I wore this sweater that I hadn't worn in about 2 years and although it was "fitted" it wasn't tight. I thought I was looking pretty good, you know. Feeling perky and sexy.

ANYway -so I go to Chad's office when I get there and then we walk out together and I wave to this lady in another office. Well - later on, Chad tells me that the same lady had congratulated him earlier.

I'm like - congratulated you for what? I was all ears for something like "for having such a cute wife" or something.

And then he says, "She said she didn't realize my wife was pregnant."

I nearly "spontaneously aborted" my lunch.

I was so disgusted. Geez. This has NEVER happened to me. NEVER. Even 25 pounds ago it didn't.

Anyway - I wanted to find her and say - Lady, it's going to take longer than 9 months to get rid of this belly.

I didn't of course.

I'm over it now. Oh well. Knew it would happen sooner or later. POM and I were trying to come up with a list of fat chick disasters that you fear. (She is also quite heavy).

1. Audible and cruel insults.

2. Collapsing a chair.

3. Not fitting into a chair.

4. No longer being able to shop in the Plus-size store because you've outgrown it.

5. Being asked if you are pregnant.

6. Collapsing your shoes (heels).

7. Having to ask for an extension on a plane - or being told you have to buy 2 seats.

8. Splitting pants or other clothing items. (I once had a thigh burst out of the leg of my jeans).

We couldn't think of 2 more. Will have to work on it.

Anyway - so, I guess i need to do something around here. I'm watching the front desk so there's not much you can do. Need to work on getting rid of the furniture.

More soon

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