Sitting at the front desk again. The only time that I have to write. Sorry that I haven't in a while.

Anyway - just got back from lunch with my brother and his new love and POM. His new love is a girl that came to work here as a temp about 2 weeks ago. We became fast friends and long story short - I introduced her to Jimbo a week ago today and they have HIT IT OFF!!!! It's so incredible. I'm so excited. I'm talking to him right now about her. He's telling me how amazing he thinks she is. She says the same of him.

Ah love! How thrilling!

So much has happened but that's the big news as of late.

I did start in my new position and all is going great. I'm actually helping pick out art for our new building. Oh - the work is soooooooo tough. (HEH HEH)

Anyway - so I'll dash for now. More later.

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Our First Baby is Due on November 23!!!
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