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Hello - just sitting at my desk at the end of my lunch hour. I'm about to have to get back to work, but I thought I would drop a few lines.

Things are well. Chad is in Phoenix right now for training for his new job. I don't know if I mentioned that he got a new job. Anyway-he's going to be working out of our house for this company that works for the state. Kinda confusing. He won't be back until Friday (sniff) and then the next day is MY BIRTHDAY!

Can't believe I will be 29 YEARS OLD! AAGGHH!

Anyway - I've been doing quite a bit lately - went shopping monday night with Georgi (Jimbo's love and my friend) and Jessie and her sister Veronica. I bought some cool stuff for my office - a Kandinsky print, a cool retro atomic style clock - very very cool. We had a great time. I feel like I've known Georgi forever - even though I just met her 3 weeks ago.

Anyway - last night her and Jimbo and Joey and Jessie came over and I cooked dinner. We had a blast. Jimbo actually sang for her for the first time and she totally melted. Oh and my dad and stepmom "popped in." They were going nuts wanting to meet Georgi so they just couldn't stand it for one more minute. Which was fine with us, I suppose. We spent a lot of time looking at pictures. It was great.

I've been playing the hell out of my piano too. I love it so much! Best gift I've ever gotten - hands down!

Tonight is pokeno. Should be fun.

Anyway - guess I will dash for now. More soon I hope.

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