Birthday Postscript

Well- here am i sitting in the living room with the laptop. Doing pretty good. Had a great weekend.

Friday night Chad came home finally. I really missed him and was glad that he was home. Then of course Saturday was my big 29th birthday. Kind of scary, but ok. Chad got me three cards. One that compared me to the proverbs 31 woman (one of those "To my wife" cards), a funny one and then one from Mr. B. Very cute. I cried over the sentimental one.

We were going to go to Taste of Bavaria in Ponchatoula for dinner -but then we found out they didn't serve dinner- MUCH to my disappointment. Anyway- I went to visit Lori for an hour to give her her gift since we share our birthday and then came back and got ready. We invited his parents to come along with us. So - we ended up going to Ponchatoula anyway and getting pastries at Taste of Bavaria. Then we went downtown where they have a ton of cute antique places. MUCH to my chagrin, everything closed at 5:00 and we only had an hour to browse. Ah well - such is life.

For dinner we ended up at Zea in Metairie where the infamous roasted corn grits were born. How I love the roasted corn grits! I don't know if I mentioned it before. Anyway - so in honor of my bday - i had double roasted corn grits as my sides. And thai style ribs and bbq chicken. It was SO good. For dessert we had the sweet potato bread pudding- the best I've ever had, I think.

All in all - it was a great day.

The next night my dad and sara and that side of the fam had a little get-together for me. That was great- Granny's homemade banana cake and fried chicken. And presents. Got the new Frou Frou CD (featuring Imogen Heap - whom I have loved since 1998), an Elton John sheet music book, a flat iron and some money. It was great.

Oh and Jimbo and Georgi have put the breaks on their relationship. Won't go into too many details, but i think it's for the best AND I don't necessarily think that they won't be together. Who knows? Only God.

It's just that it's Jimbo's turn for something really great to happen. Dammit. Oh well - I was hoping to be responsible for that, but I guess it was wishful thinking. Guess wonderful things are just around the corner. He's graduating from college in December. Who knows what's next? I told him he ought to take a tour of Europe or something - see the world. That's totally up his alley.

Well- guess I will go right now. The dog is pleading for my attention. He probably needs to go out.

More later.

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