Conference Day

Well - it appears that I didn't write about conference day in New Orleans. Was a retreat of sorts for our system office. On Monday, the week before, I was asked to do a voice driven power point presentation to be presented at the awards ceremony. Ok - no pressure. There were 50 recipients. So - I had to finish gathering all the photos. Then, I had to transcribe quote from the chancellor's (that we luckily had on a video that we decided we weren't going to use because it was biased towards one school)- so I began my work on Tuesday. I worked NIGHT and DAY on this project - in addition to doing my normal work. I had to record all of the voice overs for each slide announcing the person's name, their award and then saying the quote from the chancellor. Then I created a soundtrack that would work for the entire show- which was 22 minutes long. Before I did some compression and other work, the presentation was 200 MGS!!!!! I got it down to 83 MGS by the time it was done. You talk about work!!! I was so nervous before we presented it, I thought I was going to have a heart attack. The room was gigantic - a ball room which seated 2000. About 1200 were there. I was freaking out to say the least - but it went off without a hitch. I was asked to stand to get applause at the closing ceremony - which was pretty thrilling. The sad thing was that a lot of people thought it was a video. So they didn't think it was any big deal - but when I told them I'd done it in powerpoint - they couldn't believe it. I guess because it ran on it's own. (all because of my precise timing - the picture appeared at a certain moment and the Chancellor's quote entrance was sychronized with my voice on the sound file). I'm very proud of it.

Anyway - had a great time at conference day once all of my work was done. Had dinner at TWO Brennan's restaurants - very rich and fattening. Still need to get back on track. Am still maintaining. I really thought that was great until I realized that I'm maintaining quite a bit of weight and that I'm not going to be able to maintain 100 pounds less on my frame eating like this. Interesting.

Well - will go now.

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