Monday, Monday

Well Ė so the weekend is over and itís Monday all over again. Actually had ďMonday, MondayĒ stuck in my head this morning.

Did I mention that I have started using a flat iron on my hair? Why have I not done this for my ENTIRE LIFE, I donít know. Ridiculous. My hair is so sleek and silky. I love it.

So what goes on around here?

Oh Ė for starters, I got a response back from my pastor. He would like for me to speak to the entire congregation and share my little story with them. Pretty cool, eh? I thought so. I feel pretty honored, I suppose.

So Ė letís see. Friday night I went to a going away party for a co-worker thatís leaving. It was so much fun! We went to Kamadoís (the other one in BR Ė the one I usually donít go to) and sat at one of the teppan grill stations. So we had the entire experience of the Japanese dude making the food and throwing little bits of things into peopleís mouths and tossing eggs into his hat. It was great. I actually tried sushi and liked it!!! Cannot believe that! Well Ė itís not like its ďrealĒ sushi or anything. Twas the California roll Ė but Ė now I suppose I can join in with the ďcoolĒ people who eat sushi. Sadly, Iím about 15 years too late- but oh well.

So Ė after dinner Georgi and I drove back to our office and to her car. I felt extraordinarily sick at this point. The last sushi roll I tried promised to be exquisite (a tom roll, I think itís called) but was disgusting and I gagged it down. Anytime I have to gag food down Ė I end up half gagging for the rest of the night and felt so sick I wasnít sure what to do with myself.

Got home later and crashed. Donít remember what Chad was doing on Friday Ė hmmm . . . thatís interesting. I think he was home- or out eating with his friend Clay. Anyway Ė Saturday, Chad went fishing all day with Fat Tony and I stayed home and washed clothes and hung out. Then I went to meet my sis and Joey (her fiancťe) at Samís and we shopped for Jimboís bday gift from them. All in all Ė a fun night. Had Chinese buffet that night.

Donít know what to do with my eating. Itís not that Iíve totally fallen off of the wagon Ė but Ė Iím not where I need to be. In some respects, I feel as though Iíve gotten ďcomfortableĒ. And I should NOT be comfortable. I mean Ė I know Iíve made a great achievement losing what I have Ė but I have a long way to go. I wonder if itís the holidays Ė the barrage of birthday parties. I know that Iím still monitoring my portions. AND I AM glad that Iím not so obsessive about the whole thing Ė BUT Iím wondering if thatís the way you have to be in order to make it work . . . No Ė that canít be true. Well Ė the one thing I know. Overeating makes you fat. Undereating takes that weight off. Eating normally keeps you normal. I am NOT undereating these days. AND I donít mean starving yourself Ė but eating less that you would need to in order to maintain your current weight- thus causing you lose. Simple enough- right?

Well Ė one day at a time. I know that I have changed many things for the better so far. I donít feel compelled to keep eating after Iíve stuffed myself. I no longer eat ďsecondsĒ. In fact, at the Chinese buffet, making one trip only wasnít difficult at all. I couldnít even imagine making a second one. So Ė in that respect Ė Iím better. Itís just WHAT Iíve been eating thatís the problem. Iím not getting the ďmost for my moneyĒ these days. AND Iím not eating veggies as much. AND Iím eating out more. AND I havenít had an apple in a solid month.

Anyway Ė I would write about the rest of the weekend Ė but I donít feel like it at the moment. Iíll post more later

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