I got on this scale this morning and I have GAINED . . .

1 pound.

When I tell you that I have been on a literal binge for a week – I’m not kidding. Chimichangas and large daiquiris and cookies and cake and no discretion in my ordering at restaurants. I think at one point I had a banana cream pie milkshake! A MILKSHAKE for God’s sake!

And yet- only 1 pound.

Which leads me to wonder – Do these Target brand Weight Sense multi vitamins with green tea extract REALLY work? I think they just might.

The reality is – that I MUST get back on track because I still need to lose 20 pounds before my sister’s wedding in November. Then I’ll only have 60 or so more to go. Ha – feeling quite weary at this point. Oh well.

Last night I was thinking that I really need to ask God to help me with this. DUH!

So what else… Well Hurricane Ivan was a bust – at least for us – which I’m relatively relieved about. Although I was at home for 2 days with nothing to do and nowhere to go. Didn’t get to even come in on Wednesday – even though the weather was perfect. The roads were clogged with people. It was nuts. It took me 1 hour to go 1.2 miles. I called in and said – look- since we’re shutting down at noon anyway. . . So I turned around and went home. Washed clothes all day and prepared for impending doom. At least we’d have clean undergarments, even if flood waters carried us away . . .

Thursday the office was closed again. That afternoon, Georgi and I went to see Garden State. Jimbo met us there. What fun! I loved the movie. Then afterward we went to get daiquiris and Georgi ended up getting too tipsy and she wasn’t ready to bring me home and so I called Chad and he got pissy and was mean to Georgi and me – blah blah – but then he called later to apologize to her and so all is well. Whew! Anyway – interesting night all around.

Chad and I have been talking more about the whole baby thing. He’s showing a lot more desire in the baby department (not JUST the sex department – pervs!). He said that the longest we’d wait before trying is a year. At the longest. Which is cool. So a year from now I could be EXPECTING!!! I don’t know how you can get around the hotness of the summer in Louisiana and being pregnant. There’s just no way it seems. Hmmm… I guess the year thing is also good because I would have lost more weight and then it would be better for the baby.

We were even discussing names the other night!! He pulled out his family tree research database and we were looking at the names of our grandparents, etc. I like the name Amelie Ruth for a girl. We weren’t sure about the boy name. I like Jack, but he doesn’t. For awhile he was stuck on this whole Z-name thing – wanting to name our kids only names that started with Z. I don’t mind Zoë, but Zack is a little played out. Who knows…. Wonder if I can even have kids! I guess every woman fears that.

Anyway – Friday we were back at work. Went to lunch with a group where the chimichanga fiasco ensued. That night Chad and I went to dinner at Chili’s where I had a sandwich and FRENCH FRIES again! I don’t know what my deal is with the French fries these days. Perhaps I’m already pregnant . . . Nah – I don’t think so.

Anyway – and then we went grocery shopping at Wal-Mart. We’ve started going back to Wal-Mart since they remodeled and have widened all the aisles. Then there was this disaster with the Amex- which I won’t go into too much because it’s confusing – but we ended up having to stand there at the check out with almost $300 worth of groceries in bags while Chad yelled at the amex people on his cell phone until they let us charge the groceries. It was their fault, not ours. Never a good thing – even if it’s not your fault.

Saturday I rested for the majority of the day. I don’t even think I changed out of my nightgown. Chad took my bug in to get the brake light switch fixed (a recall so it was FREE – hurrah!) and then we watched the LSU game at 2:00. Very sucky. They lost by 1 point I think. Stupid. I then got engrossed in that movie Serendipity and ended up watching the whole thing. It was really cute. I liked it a lot. Chad and I decided to play Trivial Pursuit that night. He won – but BARELY – I’ll say. We also tried making our own pina colados with this V8 smoothies stuff and ice and Captain Morgan Parrot Bay – but it didn’t really work too well. So we just poured the rum into glasses of C2 and that was MUCH better. It was fun. I was then forced to make crawfish jambalaya against my will. Nah – not really, but I wasn’t in the mood. I don’t know what else we did. Let’s see – typical Saturday night at my house . . . hmmm . . . watched Iron Chef. Went to bed. Watched TV in bed. Did other fun things – heh heh

Of course Sunday was church – went to early church to accommodate Chad’s football watching needs. My brother met us there. Then after church – Chad went to his friend’s house in D-ville to watch the game and Jimbo and I went to Frank’s where I proceeded to eat WAY too much for breakfast. Jessie met us there.

After the gorging at Frank’s, we went to the house and I played piano and Jimbo played guitar and we sang. I love that so much. Then we watched Kill Bill Volume 2. Very good. As good as the first one, if not better. I thoroughly enjoyed it. After that, Jessie cleaned the carpets for me with Rachael’s cleaning system thingy. Very cool. Then she took a shower and began to get ready to take her pre-bridal pics on the state capitol grounds. I did her hair and makeup. She looked absolutely GORGEOUS. And then we went out and got the pics taken. It was fun. Mamie and Bill and Jonathan came out. Mamie is our pseudo-mom since our mom is in Minnesota. It was fun. After that I went home and watched the Emmys and lounged around with Chad. All in all a good weekend. And then of course, I weighed this morning and surveyed the minor damage. Am pressing onward. So far so good today. A power bar and water. And of course one of my magic vitamins.

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