Morning Frenzy

Just thought I would stop for a moment to write. I'm in the midst of cleaning and preparing for my mother to arrive. Actually we're going to go pick her up, but Mamie isn't getting here until noon. So I do have some time. Just wish I would have gotten more done before now. HA! What a surprise. The kitchen is a disaster. And the room she's going to be staying in . . . good grief. The dust is absurd. It's a wonder I'm not dead (because it's my room as well).
So - I need to get back to work soon, but just thought I would say hello. Things are still great- although I haven't been able to get back into the gym with Georgi since Monday (or was it Tues?). I had to come home last night, cook dinner, and then race off shopping for my Mom and Mamie's bday gifts (they're twins).
See - all week we've had 5 bux to our name or something because we've been waiting for this expense check from Chad's new job (whose offices are in Phoenix). He's had to pay for everything, including his recent week long trip to AZ and office supplies, etc, so we'd paid the bills for it, but still no expense check. This was like - over $1000 worth of stuff. And of course we have no savings. We really need help in that arena. Discipline. It takes discipline. And I could make a million excuses and blame his ex-wife for running up his credit cards and whine and cry about how part of my check is probably still paying interest on a $25 Chanel lipstick that she bought 4 years ago at Dillard's because she had to the have "the best" - meanwhile I'm rummaging through bins at Dollar General to try to find face powder . . . but I won't.
Ok then.
Honestly - I never want to come across as this spoiled bitch who says "I only wear these specific outrageously expensive cosmetics on my face." I hate that whole thing.
Granted - if something really works - like a skin care line or something - well . . . I can see that. But lipstick? Lipstick is lipstick.
Ok - so I am really rambling because I don't feel like scrambling around and mopping and dusting at 8 AM on a Friday morning. My sister is supposed to be coming over to help me so I think I'll save the kitchen and mopping for her. I'm so mean.
OH = picked up my bridesmaid's dress.
Agh! So I have to lose 20 pounds by November. Starting next week G and I have to work out every day!
Well - will go for now
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