Ok Ė so it was a wild weekend all around, I must say. Busy as a bee.
I completed my cleaning on Friday, with the assistance of my sister, and then we left for New Orleans. Picked up Mere at the airport (with her new short hair) and went to Zea for lunch. SOOOOOOO delicious! Everyone was totally wowed by the roasted corn grits. After that we went to Target and shopped around for shower items, etc. It was fun. Then back home Ė Mom got to see my new furniture and my piano. Iím wondering if I can figure this whole html thing out. Iím going to give it a go. Piano. Hope that works.
Wondering if I have the couch. Okay this pic is a little dark. This one is dark too but itís the whole living room.

Okay Ė Iím going to post this to test it. And then Iím going to write more later. I doubt this works.

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Our First Baby is Due on November 23!!!
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