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Ah - interesting night I had last night.
Ended up going to the gym and while on the elliptical - felt so vomitous that I almost threw up. Ah - the joys of espresso in the morning. For some reason - if i have a coffee in the morning, then lunch - at some point in the afternoon, I get so nauseated I can barely stand it.
Anyway - so, by the time I get home - I'm feeling really sick. I decide to take one of the anti-nausea pills the gastroenterologist gave me a while back. Then Chad and I decide to go to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner (since we have coupons).
At first I order a diet coke. Then Chad asks about the beers on tap and the waiter says there are more than 20 on tap. Then he says the magic word: Woodchuck. And I'm all "OOOh! Cancel the diet coke. I want the Woodchuck!" Now - woodchuck is a cider. It's wonderful. Nothing like apple juice that you can get drunk off of. Not that I was planning on getting drunk.
So - after I'm halfway through my VERY LARGE pilsner, I suddenly feel that I about to collapse face-first on the table. I suddenly tell Chad that I have to go to the car and lay down.
I stumble out of the door and go to the car and lay there. And then it's like I have restless-legs syndrome over the my entire body. I can't keep still. I keep twitching.
So at this point I realize that the cider and the anti-nausea pill are duking it out in my innards. Great!
I tell you, I hadn't felt that stoned since - well, since I was last stoned -and that's been four years ago. (Or maybe it was 3). Only it was like a very bad bad stoned. A twitchy, exhausted, I want to sleep now but my arm keeps jerking about - stoned.
Chad was worried.
"Do we need to go to the hospital?"
"oh no" i said through my coma.
I got home and went directly to the my bed.
Chad came in with more worry.
I told him I just needed sleep.
This was at about 8:40 or so.
So I slept all right. Somewhere in the night, I had removed all of my clothing. And at some point, Mr. B had prompted me for water with the old "i'll hit you on the arm with my cup until you wake up" trick. So I stumbled to the bathroom and filled his cup up and then back to bed.
Actually , I think this is when I removed the rest of my clothes. I remember feeling like my bra was literally strangling me. Though I don't think it was anywhere near my neck.
Who can be sure?
Either way - I will NEVER do that again.
Lesson learned!
Not that I did it on purpose . . .
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