More Medicine Mishaps

Just got back from lunch with Jimbo. Pretty good. He just got back from North Dakota. Went to visit a friend who's in the Air Force up there. Actually, he and a friend of his went. Had the time of his life. Funniest thing, though. He apparently drank quite a bit on the trip and at one point my dad called his friend's cell phone and his friend handed the phone to Jimbo without saying, "Hey it's your dad." They were all drunk. So Jimbo gets on, slurring drunk, and says, "Who the fuck is this!?!" And he's cursing a blue streak - and my dad is like "Son! Why are you talking this way?"
My dad was totally freaked out.
Kinda sad - but hilarious at the same time.
Anyway - I actually saw my dad at school today. That's a weird thing to see your parent sitting in a classroom. He's going to one of our technical schools - since he was forced into early retirement about 4 years ago with a back injury, etc. etc. So - he's going back to learn computers - something he's always loved. I'm happy for him.
I had to go over to the school to pick something up for our office and ended up wandering around and finding him in one of the labs. It was cool.
Well - guess I will dash for now.
Last night was a blur! Went to bed at 7:30! Long story short - missed 2 birth control pills over the weekend, took THREE OF THEM yesterday morning (the 2 missed plus the one for yesterday) became gravely nauseated but stuck it out, took a nausea pill when I got home and then fell into a very deep sleep. This pill kicks your ass. No kidding - with or without alcohol they will knock you out. I wonder if they didn't accidentally give me a sleeping aid?
Hmmm... Oh well - more later.
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